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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Jeremy09LTZCrew, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    So I've been sitting here building my dream list of things I'd like to do to my truck within the next year. One thing I came across was the Cervinis 07-12 Silverado Ram Air Hood( I know APM makes a Ram Air hood as well, but I like the look of the Cervinis a lot better personally. My question is, would this require an additional Ram Air intake as well? If so, does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the Banks system (

    Lastly, would I realistically expect to actually notice much difference in performance?

    By the way, my truck is the 09 5.3L Crew Cab Silverado.
  2. SurrealOne

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    I am considering a cowl induction hood for my truck and recently dug into cowl induction versus ram air hoods to determine if there were potentially useful benefits for either. While I'm no expect on the subject I'll share what I learned about ram air hoods as it seems applicable to your questions. (If there are people here with more info or corrections, please chime in!)

    Ram air hoods, as you know, are used to force cooler, denser air than what's in the engine compartment ... into the engine compartment. What you may not know is that the primary intent is to produce a resonance supercharging effect called Helmholtz resonance (Google it if you like) in the intake. This is best done using a duct that is insulated from the engine compartment and hood's heat ... to keep the air as cool/dense as possible. Note, however, that the Helmholtz effect is usually something experienced only at high speeds. Thus, ram air isnt' terribly useful or performant in daily or street driving and is mostly a racing thing. Vehicles that have it around town ... have it just for looks or the occasional track run if it's a hopped up, custom rod.

    So, buy a ram air hood if you like the look. Insulate the hood and duct it (using a custom, insulated duct) to the intake if you want it to do something other than lower the air temp in the engine compartment. Don't expect much, if any human-noticeable performance out of it unless you're running wide open throttle. Even then expect this mild performance improvement only if you've done the relevant math and made the proper adjustments to your vehicle to make sure your ducting and intake are sized properly to produce the Helmholtz effect at/after a given velocity is reached.

    As for the Banks system -- it has nothing to do with ram air hoods. i.e. It's not a duct meant to be connected to a ram air scoop. Instead it's just a CAI (cold air intake) that can be paired with a Banks scoop, if you like, to get cooler, denser air from outside the engine compartment. It does this by drawing air from under the Banks air box (when not using the Banks scoop) ... and from drawing air from an even lower position (front bumper) when using the Banks scoop.

    CAI's will get you a different sound. They, too, only tend to show performance gains with wide open throttle. They claim all sorts of other craziness, but it's just that -- advertising claims.

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  3. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    So I read your reply last night, which was EXACTLY what I was looking for by the way, and thought "well, that's what I thought but that sucks since it'll be a lot harder to justify spending the money on it because I still love the way it looks....

    Then I woke up this morning (Again, I'm in Afghanistan, so my morning=your night) and I had an email from my wife.... Apparently, she took the truck through a car wash and it pushed her through too fast. She crashed into the big roller that's supposed to go over the truck, it came down and hit the truck denting the hood pretty well. That means, I might need a new hood. My wife felt horrible and was so apologetic. But when I saw the pictures and realized it was only the hood that got damaged, all I could think was "THERE'S MY JUSITIFICATION!!"
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    Only at 88 MPH... :) The Cervini hood I have just has the openings no tunnel to the air box. My friend has the Goodhood and has had cracks under it..But his has a tunnel.. Maybe a little more air but not much..Remember we drive Bricks Trucks .. ramair.jpg 091.jpg I will try to get a pic of the bottom later today..
  5. SurrealOne

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    That sucks that the hood is damaged but it's a blessing in fisguise if it causes the CFO to authorize the release of funds for you to replace the hood with something fun. Good luck!

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    If the tunnel isn't flexible then that would probably explain the cracks, as the hood remains fixed relative to the frame ... while the engine moves/shakes. A tunnel from the moving engine to the fixed hood that isn't flexible would induce vibration in a fiberglass hood that could crack it? (Just thinking through the issue, aloud...)
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  6. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    His hood is cracking by the Prop rod.. Both our hoods use the same factory prop rod. But where mine meets it's about 2 in's thick The Goodhood is only about 1 in thin.. The body shop that painted my hood (Valanca in the Bronx) Is the same shop that made 2 trucks that you see in the Goodhood ad's The orange Silverado is Lou's.. But anyway he even said he liked the build of the Cervini hood better..
  7. SurrealOne

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    Sounds like a design flaw, then. That's kinda lame...
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    underhood.jpg Here is what I was talking about.. See how thick it is?
  9. The Heater

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    Hi, Jeremy: Those hoods are for looks.

    If you want to spend money on a modification that will yield a power increase, change the camshaft after consulting a good performance shop about what options you have for your motor with the intended uses of your truck. A good shop, like Blood Enterprises, in Auburn, where I live, will dyno tune the truck after the modifications are completed, with a laptop computer, and make the adjustments needed to max your power.
  10. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    Sweet, you're in the area. I figured as much with the hood, but figured I'd ask to be sure. As said earlier in the post, I'll probably end up getting the hood anyway at this point since my current hood just got dented pretty good.

    That being said, I appreciate the referral. A new cam was one of the things I've been considering. I'm going to take note of that shop and go talk to them when I get back in December.

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