Motor swap in 1500hd

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  1. So my buddy is putting his 3rd 6.0 in his 1500hd. We got everything hooked up all plugs hoses fuel lines exactly where they are suspossed to
    be, motor cranks over perfect without a glitch, but isnt getting fuel pressure. Fuel pump turns on when key is turned and all the lines and injectors are hooked up properly
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    No pressuure a fuel rail but you can hear the pump run? I would have to call the pump likely bad. I have not seen a filter so blocked it would stop ALL flow but I have not seen everything either so try to verify flow before the filter. Maybe a completely failed pressure regulator?
  3. Yea i tested everything and everything is getting power, pump is turning on. I heard somewhere that since the truck has been down so long that the PCM has lost memory but I'm not sure why it wont send fuel. I think i am going hit the tank a few times and see if it kicks fuel to the system
  4. dpeter

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    Pump running does not always mean it is pumping fuel. Check for fuel and propper pressure at fuel rail test port. Try some gas or starting fluid in the intake to see if it will fire and run for a few seconds to check the ignition system is working and would in fact run if it had gas. Again, check to see if fuel is leaving the tank or perhaps a line got kinked or pinched.
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