Motor Swap questions 06 5-spd v6

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by ktharris44, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. ktharris44

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    Ok ive got a few questions. Im looking to get rid of my dog of a v6, looking for something with a little more pep. I had a buddy with a 03 Silverado with the 4.8 and 5spd. I loved the sound of a manual v8 but it wasnt entirely enough power. Did i little searching and found the 2500's had a 6 liter and 5spd option but is that the same transmission thats in my truck? Id like to drop in a 5.3, but again, i dont know if it would mate up and if my transmission will handle it. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. dobey

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    I think the 4.3 V6 uses the same bell pattern as the V8s, so the 5.3 should bolt right up to it.

    The transmission is probably not the same as was available with the V8. I don't know the exact brand or numbers, but I would expect the gearing to be different between the V6 and the V8. You might also want to look at swapping to a 6 speed as well, if you're doing the swap. The extra gear will probably be helpful on the highway to save a little gas. You'll want to compare the gearing across the transmissions though, to get one that fits the engine well. You might also want to look at the diff gears, and maybe swap as well.

    Gearing makes a big difference to how you "feel" a car pulling. So if something feels like it doesn't have enough power, it could just be the gearing.
  3. ktharris44

    ktharris44 New Member

    I've been doing some more research and it looks like the NV3500 is in the v6 and 4.8 v8 but the 2500's 6.0 v8 comes with a beefier NV4500. I'm really just looking for a cheap v8 option. I could just go with a 4.8l since I have a friend that parts out gm trucks. But if I went with a 6spd, I'm looking at a ls2 or ls6 with a t56 and custom driveshaft, and most likely beefing up my rear end and adding a limited slip. The v6 will do for now, I might just wait it out and save up for salvaged drivetrain from a Ls1 fbody. I hear that's the best bang for your buck and you can make money off parting out/ scrapping the left overs. I appreciate the help
  4. dobey

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    If you're thinking about doing an LS2/LS6 with six speed, I'd just wait it out, save up, and go that route. I'd not bother with the LS1 or LS6 though. No matter which engine you go with, I'd get a Gen IV engine, rather than a Gen III. There are some aluminum block truck engines too, if you prefer that instead of iron. You might even be able to find one cheaper than the LS2 or LS3 would be. I've seen full drop out of engine/trans from an LS2 GTO go for relatively cheap as well.

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