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  1. lonelywolf858

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    I am in the market for a new bike and I am not sure where to head. Harley is out of the question unless I can find a dirt cheap non-Sportster. I am leaning towards VTX1300, VX1300, ZX14R, GSXR1300. Pretty much a 1000cc+ sport bike or 1300cc+ cruiser. I plan on using it daily to and from work. I also want to go on day trips with the girlfriend. Her and I combined aren't tiny. My budget is around 10k which will get me nearly anything I could want. Any opinions? I really liked the VX1300 I sat on at the dealership but I also treated (I'm a paramedic) a guy the other day who wrapped himself around a tree because he said it didn't lean as well as his last bike and he lost control.
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    Before you rule Harley's out go to a dealership and talk to their sales reps., Harley has a big push on now to attract 1st time Harley Davidson buyers that traditionally dont buy from them due to the cost.
    Theres quite a few incentives and discounts along with attractive financeing deals.
    The Dyna line of Harleys (1340CC) has had a revamp on looks and pricing.
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    I have nothing truly against Harleys. They make great bikes and I have always dreamed of owning a Buell Cyclone or Lightning CityX. I can just get so much more bike for so much less money out of another brand. Both my girlfriend's dads own Harleys. 1997 Shriner's Edition bagger, 2006 Road King, 2x 1970's "Knuckleheads? It just seems that everything for them cost more. If I could have any Harley it would have to be a VRod Muscle which is way out of my budget. I have friends with GSXR's, R1's, and VTX1300's. They all love them and their maintenance is cheap. My bosses VTX1300C has like 90,000 miles and he said that he hasn't done much more than routine maintenance.
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  4. ahmitchell1

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    If your using it Dailey look at an fz1 they got a lot of go and handle like a sport bike but have the more touring riding position. A friend I ride with has one he's all bigger than me at like 240 and he loves it he can stay with us for the most part, I'm guessing you have been riding for awhile to want something with over 1000cc, i ride a 675 and it's enough power for me to stick with everyone I know on a 1000
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    I've ridden for about 4 years and my last bike was a Ninja 900. It was great but when a passenger got on and I wanted to hit the highway, it would lack when I needed to pass someone. I've thought about the FZ1 and I like the naked look. They had a Z1200R which was kind of similar with a little bigger motor. I really didn't consider it but I will look into it more.
  6. ahmitchell1

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    My gf will rarely ride with me which is fine she can drive her range with the dogs and bags, only passenger I get is a soft bag for when I'm going on a long excursion with the guys
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    My gf grew up around bikes and would have one of her own if she could afford one. I usually travel with what is in my pocket but she needs to be able to ride with from time to time. If I don't then I won't hear the end of it.
  8. ahmitchell1

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    I am not a fan of the styling of their bikes, but have you looked at BMW's? My cousin has an 85 that has a a lot of miles (not sure exactly how many) and he loves it. He got it for fairly cheap. They ride nice so it is comfortable on distance rides. Come in the size motor you are looking for. And can carry 2 when the time calls for it.
  10. lonelywolf858

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    I've ridden a BMW before and it just wasn't for me. The one I rode was some type of grand tourer and had a power windshield, cool suit, heat suit, and all kinds of other things that I just don't find appealing. Maybe when I get older.

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    I'd love a chopper someday. A dream would be the Exile Cycles Bulldozer

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