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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by lonelywolf858, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. 08_rado_rocker

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    I first learned to ride a bike on a 06 cbr1000rr my buddy had, took my riding exam on it to get my license, and he died on it the day before i bought my bike. I still haven't bought one, but the 06-07 cbr rides like a dream and i am currently looking for one. I'm not too big of a fan of the newer styles ever since they did away with the tail exhausts and got the shorty pipe. But either way that's going to be my recommendation. i NEVER recommend GSXRs of any sort (especially hayabusas) as none of them ride worth a damn. I've ridden basically every variation of sport bike possible except duc's and the only thing that comes close to how the CBR1000 rides is the R-1 IMO.
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    I love Hondas grew up riding CRs first bike was an xr70 but first street bike was an 04 cbr 600 I loved that bike but then I stepped up to a 07 Ducati 1098, then triumphs 675s from then on, never buy a Ducati. my 1098 would stand up in every gear but they are to expensive and then your gUnna have to spend just as much on maintance. I sold it and got a brand new bike all new gear and full exhaust and other odds and ends with the money
  3. AutoAnything

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    are you looking to buy new or used?
    Not sure what a used Vrod would run...
    Keep us posted on what you get. After my motorcycle accident (broke all my L toes and R wrist) I keep it to the dirt now on my KTM 450EXC. I only ride pavement when I have to. I had an 03 SV650 that was so much fun but it just begged me to twist the throttle and I didn't know how to say NO!! LOL
  4. OKZ71

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    Yamaha Warrior is the way to go. They are well balanced and have a ton of power. 1700, air-cooled, and they handle better than any other power cruiser, even V-Rods. There is a huge market for accessories and aftermarket parts. Check out this forum for more info: I sold mine in December and will have another one soon.
  5. lonelywolf858

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    I want used. I'm not a fan of spending the money for new things. A used Vrod in my area is 10k+. Harleys are just retarded expensive around here.
  6. lonelywolf858

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    So...I finally pulled the trigger. It was an impulse purchase on the way back from the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL last weekend. Found a 2003 Harley Softail Deuce 100th Anniversary for a good price. I swore I would never own one because of the price but I can put 40k miles on this thing over the next several years and sell it for a little less than what I paid for it. I guess that makes Harleys an investment, not a purchase.

  7. tbplus10

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    For resale Harleys are normally pretty good if you take care of them, even with high mileage as long as their clean and in good repair.
    I've sold a few over the years and always done well with them.
    One recomendation I'd make is learn to do your own maintenance Harley is proud of their mechanics and they charge a seriuos price for shop work.
    The Deuce is a nice bike and the 100th Anniversary model looks great cleaned up. I had a 2002 Deuce and the only complaint I had about the bike is after a long ride if you've got the factory drag bars they get a little uncomfortable.
  8. lonelywolf858

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    All the chrome on this bike looks new and the previous owner decked it out with kuryakin parts. It only needs the wheels polished and it would look new. He also put on like 6" risers which are perfect for me. I rode it 3 hours home in tennis shoes and shorts without a single issue. This is one of the best riding bikes I've ever owned. It also has python pipes which are stupid loud. I may swap them out for something more subtle in the future but it will do for now.
  9. Coach24

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    Nice fuel saver for going back and forth to work. not to mention getting groceries.:rofl:
  10. lonelywolf858

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    50 mpg vs. 17 in the truck is awesome. Especially since I picked up another job that is about 25 miles away.

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