MP3 player to stock radio

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by mehoff400, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Your link didn't take me to anything specific so you may want to check on that link or post the actual product information/SKU so we can look it up. I've got to say, though... I DO like that truck of yours.
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    sorry linked work for me but SKU number is 9035607 for best buy
    and thanks!!
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    That piece is is not the right part. Its just a cable to adapt to the peripheral ipod adapter. You can do it to ways if you wanna stick with your stock radio. You can do a wired transmitter (sku#9252122, which includes basic install but you will need ant. adapters so total price around 170 bucks) which will be a direct line to your radio through the ant. port so its pretty decent sound quality. You still need to tune to a stations but like I was sayin its a direct connection. Or you can get the peripheral ipod adapter for gms (sku# 1175181, $180 with install) which gives you a connection for your ipod plus an auxiliary. The sound quality is really good. Also if you have an ipod it will display everything from your ipod plus you get some controllability from the deck so it works just like your ipod in most cases plus charges it also. You can have both the aux and ipod connector hooked up. You can probably find it cheaper somewhere else if you want to put it in yourself. The ipod interface is really easy to put in if your familiar with car audio stuff. Just unplug the deck then plug it in to the adapter and run the cable. The wired fm modulator is fairly easy too you just need to plug it in to the antenna port and wire a ground and power. The best way to do it is too just replace the deck completely. The harness is a little pricey at around a 100 bucks because your chime goes through the speaker and it has a data wire so no accessory wire and the harness fixes that. Plus a kit and ant. adapter. All around 150 total for parts. Decks with usb and aux. run about 130 and up. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.
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    i believe 4 speaker set up no bose no on star
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    yea that adapter should work with your setup
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