MPG on new body style leveled GMC or Chevy's

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  1. undertheradar

    undertheradar Rockstar

    I have a 2010 crew cab short bed with 285x65x18's Nitto TG's on stock rims. A 2" level kit and a 3/4" larger than stock blocks in rear. My MPG was only around 17.5 before I lifted it and now it has dropped to 14.5 maybe 15 on the highway! My 2001 got the same as this one with 285x75xr16's with a 5 spd tranny. I have noticed that this 6 speed transmission shifts into OD alot later than it used to with the stock tires. Could it be that I need the computer calibrated? The speedometer is NOT off a bit. PLEASE ADVISE. Thx

    Here is the link to a pic of the truck
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  2. undertheradar

    undertheradar Rockstar

    C'mon Guys? All these leveled NNBS trucks and nobody checks their gas mileage???
  3. mah2496

    mah2496 Member

    I'm planning to install the same leveling kit on my 08 crew, but you've got me second guessing that decision. Did you have the Nittos installed prior to the leveling kit? If so, was there any difference in mpg with Nittos before the leveling kit?

    When I put on a Ranchhand bullnose bumper and 265/70/18 Hankooks, which are slightly over 1/2" taller than my stock 265/65/18 tires, I noticed about 1 to 2 less mpg on mine. I was getting 18 highway, but now get 16 highway. I cant stand to lose another 2 mpg with leveling kit.
  4. grandslam

    grandslam New Member

    I was wondering about this myself, I want to do the same mods to my 2010. I have heard a few people say that they havent seen a drop in mpg and that suprised me. I hope a few people chime in here.
  5. Schaub

    Schaub Rockstar

    285/65/18s with Readylift 2.5 leveling kit and I'm averaging high 13's with a diablo 87 tune.

    *lift and tires were installed at the same time*
  6. Greg84

    Greg84 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Right now averaging 14.1 according to the computer with 285/70/17 cooper discoverer st's and the rough country 3" kit. 4 speed auto, 3.73 gears, 5.3.

    When I had the same size but different tread tire (cooper STT, mud tire rather than all terrain) I was only getting 12.9 or 13.0 on the computer.
  7. Burden33

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    Im get 13.5 in the city now with 35/12.50 on my stock rims with an 8 inch lift and the 5.3 with. 3.73 rear end
  8. Jaxman68

    Jaxman68 New Member

    I just put on the rough country leveling kit on my 2009 Crew Cab Silverado and I had 245 tires on and changed to 285's and have not had the speedometer recalibrated but probably should. I was on the interstate last night and my speedometer said I was going 64-65mph and my wife was next to me and she said I was going 70mph. before the leveling kit I was getting around 17 MPG and now 14 without the recalibrating so I am still getting 15-16 MPG.

  9. undertheradar

    undertheradar Rockstar

    UPDATE - If my speedometer is off it aint by much (when means it was fast, stock. Which means the truck said I was getting 17.5 and was probably getting 16.5) Right now i can do the "measured mile" on the side of the road and every 1 mile my odometer says if just before chaning over from 9 tenths to 1 mile (its a half of a tenth off) every 2 miles its 1 tenth off. I'm averaging 14.1 - 14.5 mixed driving. I checked my tire pressure on the Nitto All terr. grapplers and all 4 were at 30 psi!!! The max cold psi is 80psi. I pumped them up to 60 psi just before my last fill up and it appears that I'm going to get 15+mpg on this fillup. I'm debating on putting the ful 80psi in there just to see the difference, but dont want it to ride too stiff.
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  10. Sierraowner5.3

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    different tires will have different rolling resistance,, and tire psi can make a difference, air down a bunch of corse its not gonna get the mileage.


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