MPG on new body style leveled GMC or Chevy's

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    Another Update : I increased the tire pressure to 70 psi. I use 87 Octane and filled up at the same pump friday night, drove 157 miles (mainly highway) round trip back to the same pump and filled her up = 9.333 gallons.
    157 / 9.333 = 16.822 MPG.
    This is NOT taking into consideration that my odometer is off 1/2 tenth per "measured" mile. So for every 10 miles registered on the odometer, I have actually traveled 10.5 miles. So ACTUAL MILES would equal 157 x .05 = 7.85. 157 + 7.85 = 164.85 / 9.333 = 17.66 MPG HIGHWAY.

    Who believes air pressure doesnt make a difference???
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  2. undertheradar

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    Another update:
    This has only happened 2x since 11-28-11. I wonder if ever so often I get "good" gas???
    I am still looking into a programmer or going to someone who has the program to input the correct tire size in the computer. The shift points are off a hair and I know its hurting my mileage. It "hangs" in 5th gear too long. I dont know ANYTHING about the programming.... I will need help
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    Get the Hypertech speedo cali. Well worth the money IMO.
  4. alabamaxrebel

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    You might want to rethink your high psi strategy just to save on gas, you will be running the centers out of those tires wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy prematurely!!! Is having to replace expensive tires sooner, not only having to pay the price of the tires, but also installation, is it worth it?

    Just my thinking.
  5. undertheradar

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    The tires are rated for 80 psi...

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    Looking at them as I type this. I have also come across a DiabloSport Predator for $288
    Which one is the better buy? The H/T is $229 and is only a code reader and speedo calibrator.
  6. alabamaxrebel

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    For towing..................... Might want to research it a little. Probably shouldn't be more than 40 psi in those tires to wear correctly..... But I'm just saying, I can guarantee if you went to a tire shop they would tell you that you are going to wear the center of your tire out extremely prematurely.
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    It's crazy seeing you guys are getting lower numbers. Even with my 33's and leveled, I was getting 21 on the highway and 17 average.
  9. BrownPats420

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    why do people insist on putting in 80 psi all the time, come on now
  10. alabamaxrebel

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    Agree! Might as well use stones for tires and take the suspension off!

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