MPG on new body style leveled GMC or Chevy's

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by undertheradar, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. sevi084x4

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    Wow Guys....I only get like an average of 14.1, but my truck is new and only have like 2600 miles on it so the engine is still breaking in. And that is with 33in tires on it, no level kit. My old 08 used to get about the same with 33s and a level kit on it with performance mode super chip on running 93 octane.
  2. adampaul1964

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    This, and why do people buy a big truck, put bigger tires on it and then piss and moan about gas mileage. If you want better mileage put the stock tires on, if you want it to look "tough" you have to make sacrifices.
  3. ajarman

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    t h i s !!!
  4. sevi084x4

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    meh...if people want to try to improve it its there business. Yah it dont make sense but whatever
  5. ajarman

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    It's one thing to try and imporve stock, but when you have plus sized wheels and tires it seems a bit pointless.

    You have to pay to play.
  6. undertheradar

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    Excuse the hell outta me for thinking it should get better. My 2001 1500 4x4 with a 4 spd tranny and 33's got 16 mpg. A brand new truck, with 6 gears and drops to four cylinders with 285's on it get the same to a little worse mileage???
    "Come on now"
  7. ajarman

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    Did you get it with 3.08 gears? Might have a lot to do with it.
  8. LURCH

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    My 2011 5.3, 6 sp auto with 3.42 gears, just under 3K on the miles. I buy the same gas every time before leveling and 285's I was getting around 13.5 and after the 285's I get around 15.5 this is around town only. It seems like if I putt around I get less mpg than I do if I drive it a little harder. I run about 48psi in the tires and have the new inTune just to fix the speedo. I will tune it later but just got everything done and have not taken the time to do it yet.

    Rod Run 2010, Keith's Challenger, Parts 065.jpg
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    Running them under inflated (ie, 40 psi on tire rated for 60-80 psi) they will wear prematurely along the edges and may cause the tires to overheat and blow out. Ford learned this the hard way in the Firestone/Explorer debacle. If you over inflate them significantly beyond the vehicle rating, you change the handling dynamics of the vehicle. Another lesson Ford learned. Of course they already knew this and that is why they recommended underflation to begin with. They foolishly believed it cheaper to defend a few law suits rather than redesign the Explorer suspension. I run at 65, but whatever floats your boat.
  10. undertheradar

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    yes it has 308 gears

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    I was always told (right or wrong) to run the tire as close to the psi on the tire. I have never done this until this vehicle. My brother in law had nitto t/g and ran 80 in them and got 65000 out of them. I have mine at 70 and the ride isnt that bad. It did ride better at 45psi though...

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