MPG & performance upgrade suggestions? plugs, wires, CAI cold air intake

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by markf1971, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. markf1971

    markf1971 Member

    I'm new to the forum and I have a tight time line to do what I want to do. That is why I haven't done a lot of searching. I am looking to make some upgrades to maximize my MPG. I basically want to go on the mild or medium side, nothing too wild or expensive.

    I have a LOT of automotive experience, but this is my first Suburban and I don't have time to spend 40 hours on the web looking for what is the best bang for my buck. I figured I should just ask someone who had already been there and done that.

    BTW I have a 99 C1500 Suburban 350CID w/160,000 miles. I just got it and it was a one owner and well maintained except for the cooling system which I am TOTALLY redoing. I still need to call the previous owner and ask about stuff like the intake and timing set. The fuel system is entirely new from front to back just before I got it.

    I wanted to ask your personal recommendations on the following items:

    Spark Plugs - AC Delco or ???

    Wires - AC Delco or ???

    Cap & Rotor AC Delco or ???

    Thermostat - a premium one, but what temp? OEM 195 or cooler? And should I do any drilling or any mods if it is a Never-Fail type?

    Cold Air Intake? - I want to use a K&N filter at the minimum, but should I go whole hog and buy the kit or do the mod on mine? If buy, then which is the best value or bang for the buck? If mod, I could use some tips or a link to an existing thread.

    I guess that about does it unless there is a modest gain from a reasonably priced chip or programmer. I know, I know, Modest and Reasonable are relative terms. I would like any mod I make to pay for itself within a couple of years or either feel it in my seat when I punch the pedal.

    Thanks in advance for your INFORMED responses! :great:
  2. raueda1

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    Since you're new to the forum, here's a tip: don't start posts by asking people to spend their time doing your homework. Especially if you haven't offered something up to other people. You're perfectly on track for getting none of the info you're looking for.
  3. markf1971

    markf1971 Member


    I haven't asked anyone to do my homework for me. I'm only asking someone who has already been there and done that to share their experience and knowledge with me. Iv'e spent about 20 hours on this forum solely looking for a solid recommendation for plugs, wires, cap & rotor, and CAI kit.
    I'm trying not to spend another 20 hours and still come up empty handed or with nothing more than personal preferences. I have yet to be swayed that one is better than the other. I have worked on my own vehicles for 20 years and even at a parts store before and I KNOW that not all parts are equal. Surely somebody on here has used more than one kind of plug in their truck and had several of their buddies say don't use brand X as they are garbage. This person has first hand knowledge of 2 plugs and an opinion of a third one. I'm just trying to to re-invent the wheel.

    I am not new to GM or V-8s, just new to a Suburban and the Vortec. I signed up for 3 other forums and have done a little browsing on them, but I haven't posted anything on them, perhaps I should. I asked my questions here because the folks here seemed 'cooler' and more 'down to Earth'. Too bad there is not something like Consumer Reports for auto parts. That could save us all some time and money! :happy:

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