Muffler jokes

Discussion in 'Games Forum' started by Dr_Zero, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Dr_Zero

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  2. Z71_guy

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    you wonder what some people think when they work on others cars and get paid to do it
  3. TRPLXL2

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    Well that definately gives new meaning to the show "Monster Garage"! My eyes aren't the best, but did that one picture of an exhaust hanging up have 3 catalytic converters? That is some really shoddy work, they should ba ashamed of that stuff whoever put it on those vehicles!
  4. CarpenterGuy

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    Oh this brings back some recent memories of a class mate's pathetic attempt at a "universal" cold air intake. I wish i could have taken a picture of it. it cost him 100 bucks. He paid a kid in my class to put it in for him. The kid did such a bad job. When I looked at it, my sister and I coudn't help but laugh. It had black corogated yard/garden piping (without the holes) and a silver tube thing with a paper air filter on the end. It was held to stuff with zip ties, and even then it was still cheap. the paper filter hung on the exhaust manifold (inline 4). the paper filter burnt and the part that was plastic melted. it was gruesom.
  5. Pete95Sierra

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  6. TrailLeadr

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    How does that saying go, infinite number of monkeys with typewriters will produce literary classics....or something like that.

    Well anyway, I'm thinking that same room of monkeys could do a better job than those horrible examples of what not to do.

    Funny stuff, just sad to see it was such a short list. There have to be more examples of crap-tastic muffler work out there.
  7. Dr_Zero

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    I know! there is some awesome work being done out there :lol:

    You guys know to look under there if you are not under there watching already but I feel for people who have no clue and just drive off thinking they are safe.
  8. TrailLeadr

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    I know if I didn't fix our vehicles my wife and daughter would be happy as a pig in slop to just have the work done, and wouldn't check to see that it was done right (if they knew) or even looked good.

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