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    Ok so Tuesday, I backed into my brother's driveway to pick up my brother's boat to go fishing. He lives in a subdivision like and the houses are less than 4 feet apart. I picked it up and drove off and later that day I came back and his neighbors were outside so I asked them and their 2 little girls who are autistic if I woke them up and they said yes.

    Right now I have dual Dynomax Turbos with gutted cats (hate the gutted cats) and I'm looking into getting something a little bit quieter like Flowmaster 50 or 70 series which I've heard isn't loud on the outside and inside isn't bad. But my quest is the cats what should I get? I've heard Summit has some good ones or I can go to the junkyard and get some.
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    How about some information? Do you have true duals or cat back? I guess if you have gutted cat(S) it's true duals. Do you have an "H" pipe? That might kill a lot of obnoxious noise, ask a muffler technician.
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    Something like a factory cat is all you need, I'd shop prices. I'm not sure on Louisianna law but in many states your not allowed to purchase a used cat convertor from a wrecking yard, they have to remove and scrap convertors.
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    i have heard good things about the magnaflow cats for performance and they are pretty reasonable in price(especially on ebay) the 50 and 70 series will give you almost no sound difference over the stock muffler that wa originally on the truck. just go to youtube for exhaust tones. flowmaster 50 on 5.3 or flowmaster 70 on 5.3 etc.
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  6. rileyjr16

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    The morons who put on the glasspacks before I got it gutted the cats by cutting a 3x2 rectangle in the bottom and then just arc welded the cut out piece back on. They cut off the stock flange and made true duals. So I bought 2 Thrush Turbos and had them mounted under the bed where the stock one fits and tips out the back corners.

    I'm thinking about new headers and dual Magnaflow cats joinging into a 3 inch single and running to a Flowmaster 50 or 70 with duals pointing down to the deck. My "real dad" has a hydro pipe bender in his shop so.
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    I know that most Cats are fairly expensive because they contain precious metals such as platinum or rhodium. You will probably have to shop around to find your best pricebut i would start with the salvage yards first. Good luck!!!
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    Thanks redz71max. Only thing is 70 series doesn't have dual out. Not sure about the 50 series but.

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    Hm 50 series has dual in dual out
  9. audible

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    Alright..........................:happy:.............I received my DB-exhaust (CORSA) system yesterday via Fedex. It was well packaged, ships directly from factory.

    Interesting that the in-house label says "CORSA-Sport" :gasp:which is the $1000 system directly from CORSA, but my receipt and the exhaust tip say "DB". Hey, I'm not complaining. If it is the same system aside from the tip.......AWESOME! My Uncle is going to help me take off the factory system, do a bit of spray on undercoating and then install the new system hopefully this week. He has a nice man-cave/shop.

    I will keep the factory system in garage rafters for whenever I sell, the buyer can have choice of "DB" or factory quiet.

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