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    ok i understand that some you live in states that requier them. but as for me i dont. are mufflers needed for performance. or just there to muffle the sound. i know back pressure one some trucks is important. but is it on mine. what mufflers do you recommend. planing on throwing some long tubes. any suggestions on brand size finish. any thing will help thank. side note looking at new heads some where down the road to. with possible a new intake man. thanks for all the help
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    Long tube, equal length 4 into ones, or Tri Y headers are a definite plus (don't waste your money on "shorty" headers). As far as mufflers, if you don't need them in your state/county, don't use them. You'll save weight without them. If you do need or want mufflers, Magnaflow & Flowmaster are the two favorites among members here from all the responses Ive seen.
    For heads & manifolds Edelbrock is a good place to start, if you can afford them. The manifolds aren't too expensive but their heads are
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    ill see what else i cant find out about it lol

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