My 1996 Silverado.

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by tillyb1989, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. tillyb1989

    tillyb1989 New Member

    this isnt my baby and never will be if i have anything to do with it! i bought it used. 143,000 on the odometer. 4 days later.....BOOM. the little 4.3 that couldnt didnt! so after an engine swap and more time in the shop the non the road once again.....BOOM! so after a jasper was dropped in and a mystery miss fixed the tranny up and left. so after a tranny and two rebuilds i finally got into the mods. original 40 serise flowmaster give the 4.3 a little additude. custom paint grill, crystal light make the front look sweet. trim was removed. euro tail lights added and custom decals were designed by myself and made up by a local shop. heres a few pictures of it so far!



  2. tillyb1989

    tillyb1989 New Member

    i wish i could down size these. heres a couple more and one of my 1985 custom deluxe that i'm doing a full on restoration on MYSELF.


  3. TigerZ

    TigerZ New Member

    i really like how you removed the front trim and painted it.

    did you paint it yourself or did you take it somewhere.

    my "chrome" is cracked and peeling off and it looks like crap.:grrrrrr:
  4. omegafiler

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  5. Pete95Sierra

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    you can also resize them in photobucket as well... nice to have another older body style here!!
  6. retired2001

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    Nice lookin' truck! I had bought a new one in 1996, but it was "teal" colored. I sure liked that truck.
  7. tillyb1989

    tillyb1989 New Member

    thanks for the comments guys! i forgot about resizing the photos sorry about that. i painted the grill with spray cans. its alot of work but the end result is worth it! i've also removed the tailgate trim piece and i plan on adding a roll pan and a hidden hitch. i really wanna make it an SS but dont have the funds at the moment with the restoration of my custom deluxe underway. i guess this trucks just gonna hafta wait. on a side note though. everything i've done to this truck can be done rather cheap if you play your cards right. just be extremely careful if you decide to go my route on your grill TigerZ. tape WILL pull the spray paint right off the plastic. be sure and use something to make it stick. i know they have that special plastic primer but i was told it wasnt needed. lesson learned!

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