My 1999 k1500

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  1. BBslider001

    BBslider001 Member

    Here she is....just wanted to share!

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    I am still not sold on the step guards that came with the truck. Feel free to give some opinions! They do help with loading the baby and getting in and out, but they don't look that me anyways.

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  2. USMC_tank

    USMC_tank New Member

    i love your mirrors on the burban. i have a 99 as well but i have stock mirrors, my burb didnt come with steps at all. i like the steps you have on yours but if your not planning on lifting it or putting bigger tires than you have now then idk id prolly go with the stock steps that ran down the side and didnt have a gap in between the cab and step like yours do.. i had a chevy before that had that type of step on it and my 6 year old broter rolled his ankle getting out cause he had slipped when they were wet. just my advise
    love the truck - james
  3. BBslider001

    BBslider001 Member

    Thanks for the comments! That problem your brother had is exactly what I am worried about. I think they are going to come off this weekend. I got the mirrors off of Ebay and they area huge improvement.
  4. oldmanstruck

    oldmanstruck Rockstar 100 Posts

    they don't look good but it does provide an easy access.
    As other mentioned, be careful when wet. The other day I test drive a 99 with the plastic stock running board, so slippy that I almost fall :(
  5. USMC_tank

    USMC_tank New Member

    so i started thinking what would be a good way to make the steps safer and i talked to a buddy of mine, i came up with this idea idk if it will work or not but it could..
    rhino line, i have seen a lot of people rhino line entire trucks before and i had my chevy rhino lined and even on a stormy day i still had grip in the bed, if you rhino lined the steps you like most just where you will actually step up into the truck it may give better grip on the step for anyone getting in the truck on a stormy day.. more grip is always best
  6. BBslider001

    BBslider001 Member

    That's a good idea, but I already took them off day before yesterday. It looks better and I don't really miss them. Now to just sell them!!

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