my 89 suburban is finally in the paint shop...

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  1. 80 grit

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    ...after hours and hours and hours of prep work by me and a few friends. I had a few spots left for some glaze and red putty, but I finally decided to let the pros do the final "finesse" work. As some of you may recall I am going Hot Rodz flat black. It is kind of like a satin. It is a single stage urethane.

    In the meantime I am scrambling to get few final things ordered and I was wondering if anyone knows the width of the roof on the 89 burb??? I found a nice aluminum rack I would like to get but I want to find out the width of the roof first??? Thanks guys.

  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Any before pics? Can't wait for the After ones.... Keep this updated..
  3. 80 grit

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  4. Joeairforce

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    You still need the measurement?
  5. 80 grit

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    No thanks. I forgot I had the old roof rack laying in the back yard.... Got the truck back from the paint shop. Looks pretty good although they broke one of my windows...the body man said, "it was already broken". I told the manager it was not. Needless to say they ordered me a new window. Next step is to mock up some aluminum blocks to mount the new roof rack, then I need to get the roof rack, the front bumper, front grill, interior sill plates, rear tactical bumper, and a large strip (up to the body line) Line x'd or Rhino lined. Not sure which I will go with. Many say Line x is superior (harder) and lays better...wouldn't mind hearing some opinions here???? Once this is all done, I will take many pictures to post up.
  6. Caddiac

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    That is quite a project!
  7. 80 grit

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    Yes Caddiac, it sure has been a project...many hours! Can't wait to get her done!!! The fun stuff will begin, but before it does, I forgot to mention that I will be replacing every window motor in the truck. They seem to be tired and move too slowly. They are not too expensive and since I will have the door panels off as well as the tailgate would be a good opportunity to replace them.
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  8. Crawdaddy

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    That's in my plans for my 91 Burb too. While you're at it, you might as well replace the door lock motors too. Mine don't always move on the first button press and move slowly. My barn door lock only locks... As I said, might as well catch the locks while you're in the door.
  9. 80 grit

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    Didn't even think of that one Crawdaddy. Sounds like a good idea.

    On another note, I put a brand new weather seal in my tailgate...and I still have water getting in somehow. The carpet gets wet around the wheel well and also around the fender well on the passenger side. It is driving me nuts. I am going to have my buddy put the hose on while I am sitting inside to detect exactly where it is getting in. I also decided to put the drip rails back on. I am going to use 3M tape and not redrill the holes since I already filled them in. The reason being is when I have the door open and if there is any standing water on the roof, when I jump up in the truck to sit behind the wheel the shift in weight causes the water on the roof to spill all over my leg and seat....I think the drip rail will catch most of that and redirect it.

    Tuesday I am putting in some work on it. I hope to have the roof rack mounted by Wednesday, then I will be ready to get some pricing from the Rhino liner or Line X shop....
  10. 80 grit

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    Back from the paint shop. Next stop is to the other paint shop where they spray Rhino liner. I was up in the air on whether to go with rhino liner or Line x but since I am on a limited budget and rhino liner came in at a third of the will be rhino liner. I am going halfway up the body (to the body line crease) all the way around the truck. I am also doing my rear bumper from tactical armor group..and my stock front bumper. Then I am installing my nfab bars and my bull bar with KC daylighters up front.

    The roof rack I picked up on line for 130.00 shipped (great price). As expected it took a little more "massaging" than simply bolting things together. It took me four hours to build due to the misaligned holes, horrible directions (which actually went from 9 to 11. 10 was missing, lol). After I got it together I went to the machine shop and got some one inch round aluminum and had them drill out and tap a 5/16 course thread. I drilled four points of contact through the roof and used 1" round flat rubber washers to seal out the elements. I used four cans of wrinkle paint (black). The two pairs of axe and shovel holders I bought of of e bay for 25.00 each and man the guy who made them did a great job for such a small price! Hope to have it all done within a month or so. I also put some more coin into the top notch sound system it already has. Sounds like a concert inside that large space (I will take more photos of the stereo stuff when it is done).


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