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    What up fellow GMC/Chevy Truck Fans? My Name is Matthew Trongo comin' to ya from the little ol' town of La Vernia, TEXAS. When i signed up it was just to see if anyone knew how to fix my problems I was and still are having. I was in a fatal, yes fatal automotive accident 11 yrs ago. I've been clinically dead 3-4 times in the 3yrs after. I was the shy type kid in school and i've done a total 180 and decided to move on with life because none of us know when it's our time to meet our maker. I got something to keep you thinking, "how in the F**k did he do that?" It IS a True ONE-OF-A-KIND-RIDE. 1997 GMC JIMMY SLS with full tilt chevvy HHR front-end, doors molded to match the hood. 2" spindle drop and 3" lowering blocks in the rear. Want to bag it and lay it down for show and smooth ride. Also shave all doors and remove the luggage rack and smooth out the roof, 4 18s in the back pushed by 20,000 watts. You'll never see a ride like mine, unless of course i part with her and I sell it.​

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