my engine blew (sigh)

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    ok here we go, i drive a k2500 7.4l and today, somehow, my wife was driving it to town and she calls me saying the engine is smoking and there was a loud band. so go out to where she is and low and behold there is a whole in the side of the block, she blew a piston right out the fing bottom. how i do not know she said she was driving like she always does which means hard cause her little cougar has had 2 engine swaps already. anyways now i come to my question the 7.4 had alot of power but it drank gas like it was nothing, what i am wondering is can i swap it out for a diesel? and if so what do i need to do? i know where i can get the 6.5 diesel and i know i will need a new exhaust system but what else might i need? and is there anyother diesel engines that will fit?


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    Just in case you didn't know, holes in the side of the block are not good. :rofl: Swapping a diesel in will most probably take a decent amount of fabrication work, as I don't think it was offered in the 'burb. However, it is certainly possible and probably not as difficult as other mods. You MAY need to upgrade the front suspension to accomodate the heavier diesel engine, but since it is a 2500 with the 7.4L engine (weighs something like 700 pounds with heads and exhaust manifolds) it may be ready in the suspension department. You could probably use the factory exhaust lines for a pickup with a diesel in it.
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    Diesel was offered in Suburbans every year a Diesel engine was an option (it wasnt a popular option depending on what region you live in). You can use a truck or Suburban for your swap theres no significant difference in the drivetrain, and Diesel trucks were more popular than Diesel Suburbans.

    The best way to do a Diesel swap would be to get the complete donor truck, theres a lot of pieces and parts needed from the donor.
    Since you have the 7.4 K2500 the suspension should have no problem handling the weight, there isnt a huge difference between the weight of the two engines.
    You will need the Donor radiator, fuel tank and pump, fuel lines, and some other bits and pieces under the hood.
    I'm not positive on the trans mounts and crossmember being placed differently or the length of the driveshafts, I know the engine size is close side to side but I think the Diesel's a little longer.

    In your wifes defence if she knocked a hole like that in the block it was on its way out no matter who woulda been driving it. She just probably helped it show it's weakness a little sooner.

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    That is funny... assuming it wasn't my truck ;)

    Looks like a bad day for the 'Burban, sorry about the mess.

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    I did that to a 1963 MG1100 in 1966. It took my driving it at full throttle (indicated 84 mph) for many many hours. Being a POS Brit car of that vintage didn't help of course. It suddenly made a big bang, and smoke poured out from under the hood, and from the exhaust. I think the piston/rod and "parts' went straight down thru the crankcase- it was repaired I think, since in those days motors were repaired/rebuilt.

    If you are concerned with mpg-and gas is going up and as the economy improves we will have $3 gas again- consider a 5.7 350 as a replacement. I'm sure they came in the 2500 Suburban all years.

    I get an honest 20 mpg(actually 21mpg but some is at altitude where you get better hy mpg) on 3000 mile mainly interstate trips with my 2wd 1500 1998 Suburban.

    The 5.7 isn't a wimp- make more HP- probably as much torque- as the GM diesels of your vintage.
    It would be a much easier swap, and I would bet FE would be as good-maybe better- that the diesel FE. True the diesel might get slightly better mpg, but when the economy improves you can expect the 10-20% diesel fuel cost premium to return.

    It is really hard to beat the 5.7 (or the 5.3) for overall "goodness".

    I'm not a diesel fan in general-more maintenance and they are more sensitive to half assed maintenance. Everything to do with the motor/FI/Turbo is expensive to repair. They do get better mpg while towing, especially heavy towing- no way around that of course. The rest of the time it would be a wash versus the 5.7 350.

    You won't have the umph of the 454, but GMs pre Duramax diesels aren't known for being 'stout' either.

    GM makes probably the best (in many ways V-8 spark motor- consider it.
    Heck, you can get an absolutely new TBI 5.7 Goodwrench-delivered for about $2000- used or rebuilt much cheaper


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