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    Took me 3 days of intense online negotiating, but we got what we wanted! 2013 Acadia SLT-2 with every possible option. Traded our 2003 Tahoe LT with 150,000 miles on it. Hated to see it go, but it was time! The new Acadia is one heck of a SUV, both my wife and I love it!

    I also just did a straight trade, Traded someone my 2000 Jetta for his 1998 S10 ZR2. I had one in the past and really wanted another one, it has a lot of issues, but it has been a lot of fun working on it. So far I have replaced the front passenger fender flare. I did it without taking the fender off...I should have just taken the fender off!! But 4hrs later it is on. Replaced the 3rd door handle, and as of today I am uprading the elephant mirrors to 99+ mirrors.
    The passenger side elephant mirror wobbles so bad when cruzing down the road it was just a matter of time before it fell off anyway! I still need to work on a small oil leak, fix the tailgate to make it open a little easier, fix the digital display for mileage and gear seletion as it goes off and on. If I bang on the dash it works for a little while. Has BF Goodrich mudder tires on it, so a lot of vibration goes on so I am sure a connection is just loose. Also has a non Z bumper after a front end collision in its past. Runs great though with 175,000 on it. My wife hates it...I LOVE IT! I am where I want to be vehicle wise now.
    2013 GMC Acadia with 50mi on it (the new run around vehicle)
    2005 Chevy Suburban Z71 with 80,000mi on it (my dog hauler as I compete in agility/obedience)
    1998 Chevy S10 ZR2 with 175,000mi on it (my haul crap around and don't care if I put a dent in truck)
    2002 Acura RSX with 117,000mi on it (our fun car that rarely leaves the garage, couldn't talk the wife into selling it, would have gotten top dollar as it is as clean as the brand new Acadia)

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    nice trade for the ZR2. I always wanted one of those.....

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    Thanks! I bought a brand new black S10 ZR2 back in 1998 and loved it! So when I got tired of borrowing the work truck every weekend to haul stuff I went onto craigslist and found a guy looking to do a straight trade for a VW so it worked out perfectly. I got the new side mirrors installed today so all that is left is to fix the tailgate and install new hinge pins for the drivers side door.

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    Very nice Stable......

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