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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by HDSilveradoDave, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I joined this forum to learn how to upgrade my 03 Silverado K1500HD CrewCab with Quadrasteer (45k miles). By upgrade I mean gaining more MPG and power for towing. My first mod is installing a Flex a Lite 282 in place of the factory fan and fan clutch. I don't expect much from this swap alone. However dumping the factory fan means dumping the factory fan shroud which is inches from the manifold air intake. This allows room for a "normal" CAI tube in place of the convoluted factory tube.

    I will scan the threads for more info but would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of this mod.

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    Hi Dave,

    You fan is designed to pull air through your radiator. This is what cools your engine. The actual air blowing on the engine is just the hot air pulled from the radiator. The fan shroud creates a a path for the air to flow through the radiator. So the fan shroud is actually just as important as the fan and the stock fan with it's shroud will out perform any aftermarket fan that has no shroud.
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    On my last truck I had a set of Flex-A-Lite fans installed in it, and there was no big performance gain. They run very quietly compared to stock, and they do give more room for the aftermarket CAI. The biggest thing I liked about them was accessibility, it gives you a lot more room to change your serpentine belt without cutting yourself up.

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    I have the 05+ fans on my Tahoe. If you have the towing package, you will have the larger radiator (or you can measure between the top bolts-if it is 38" then you have the larger radiator) and the 05+ will fit and are a bit more efficient. The LS1 fans work fine for the smaller radiators.

    Here are pics:



    I have mine running through the PCM, so it controls the fans for different speeds and AC. :rules:
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