my new truck. finally.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by post3ll, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. post3ll

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    Hey everybody. Im sam postell from marion ohio. I work at a chevy dealership in and am also a tutor at ashland university and a student of political science and philosophy. I currently got a new 2012 chevy silverado lt 4x4 after saving up my money for years. I have big plans for my truck and am in the process of wheels and tires with a level kit, but it might be awhile because i just incurred a setback in the form if a hail storm! I plan on getting 17 inch eagle alloy 050s and falken wildpeak 31" tires within the next month though.
  2. SurrealOne

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    We are the Borg. Lift your vehicle and surrender your keys. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile. Erm, I mean ... welcome to GM Truck Club, Sam! :great:
  3. post3ll

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    Thanks surreal. Btw i like your wheels a lot. The 835s were my first choice before i got quoted such a good price on the eagle alloys
  4. Curky

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    Welcome to the club, congrats on the new truck. I got lucky storms missed me. You need to upload some pics of the truck.
  5. TexasTechRaider

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    Welcome to the club, sucks to hear about the hail damage. I live in Dallas and we recently had one of the worst hail storms on record here and of course I found myself in the dead center of it all. Lucky I was able to pull into a car wash within a few minutes of the start but my baby still suffers some damage.

    I saw a few cars that were declared totaled and one of them was a new escalade so that proves that that hail did some damage.

    Hope everything works out for you in the long run and all your planned upgrades come soon because we want to see them. Upload a picture of your truck now so we can all see!

    Welcome again,
  6. post3ll

    post3ll Member

    Raider, hail is a pain in the ass. My brother lived in dallas for awhile and his tiburn was declared totaled from a hailstorm! Its a damn shame that my truck is all banged up with less than 300 on the odometer haha. Additionally, i am trying to upload some pics but can't quite get it figured out. Im a luddite that doesn't know much about computers. My truck is nothing special yet though, just stock silver with an are cap i got for free and some window tint.
  7. Curky

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  8. mfleetwood

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    Welcome to the Club!!! Curky has you pointed in the right direction.
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  9. post3ll

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    Thanks fellas. I will post some when i get home from work. I was just looking for a way to do it quickly on my phone though.
  10. retired2001

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    Welcome to the G M T C !

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