My Old Car in Japan

Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by bzboardco, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. bzboardco

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    1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

    [ame=""]YouTube - 1990 SKYLINE GTS-T[/ame]

    The day it went to a scrape yard....It is probably part of a coffee maker or something


  2. ct9a

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    Sorry to see such a beautiful car end up like that. I would kill for one of those. Really, I would. What was done to it?
  3. sheep

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    was it stolen and striped? looks like one of the many honda civics my dad always talks about around here, clearly a much nicer car then a civic tho.

    just curious how do you go form owning that in japan to living in the states and owning a truck? assuming you live in the states
  4. bzboardco

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    Here is my old car domain page Check out the video at the very bottom of the street racing in Okinawa

    This is some of the things that I had done to it

    Engine and Stuff:
    HKS Super Dragger Intake
    GP Sports 3" exhaust
    RS R Down Pipe
    T28 Turbine w/ HKS Actuator
    GTR Fuel Pump
    Cefiro Blow off bypass pipe
    NGK Iritop 7 Plugs
    GReddy Aluminum Rad. Pipe

    ***HKS Hiper D***

    Japan has inspections every 2 years called JCI's and it is a pretty indepth inspection. Mine was coming up and my windshield was cracked so I just didn't feel like messing with so I parted the car out before It went to the bone yard. It is really hard to compare the cars there to imports here. Most cars there already have turbos. Japan doesn't not have power to weight laws. They have a car there called a Tourer V that is a 4 door family sedan with the twin turbo supra engine in it. They have cars with V-8's in them that are cammed out that is hard to distinquish from american muscle. It is a different world there as far as the car world goes. To compare a car there to a civic here is like comparing a Corvette to a Civic.
  5. bzboardco

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    I have been stationed there for 4 years. I bought my silverado 6 months before I moved to Japan. Basically my parents keep the truck and used it as their vacation vehicle.

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