My Old Pickup Ain't Running.

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  1. Hello, I was wondering if one of your techs could help me with a problem I have with my 1992 Chevrolet C-1500 regular cab: 2WD, 5.7L, TBI, 700R4. About 3 weeks ago I was driving through town and my pickup stalled in traffic and would not start. Called AAA and had it towed home. Thought it to be a clogged fuel filter. Replaced the filter and also ran the code scanner, flashed a 54 code for a bad fuel pump relay. Also replaced the relay. Started the engine, it ran fine, went into town again (about 15 miles) made a couple stops, engine started each time.

    After the 2nd stop, I was driving along, approached a stop sign, engine stalled, would not start. Called AAA again, towed home...again. Sitting out in the yard, when engine cold, it will start and run smooth about 10 minutes until engine warms up to operating temperature, then it stalls and will not start again until engine cools off completely. Checked for ignition spark and fuel pump pressure immediately after stalling, have both, also checked codes, have none, other than #12, signalling everything ok, which it most definitely isn't. I have very little experience with computer controlled vehicles made after 1980...Please help...
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    Hmmm, we only need 3 things for combustion, spark, fuel and air. Two seem to be ok, I suspect the air filter is ok, or it wouldn't restart.

    One other thing is required, you need to get rid of the exhaust. A plugged cat can act like you describe.
  3. Oh, great. The last thing I wanted to do was to throw a bucket of money at the old beast....:money: Well, guess I'll stuff a test pipe inline tomorrow...and then see what's what...Thanks for the thought....

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