My onstar rant! Well, kinda

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Pikey, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Today while I was driving a heard an onstar commercial about how they alert police and fire services in the event of an accident. It got me thinking. My 2003 Yukon XL had 10 month of onstar service left when I bought it. When I was in the accident that totaled that truck onstar did not do anything. (yes, there was airbag deployment) No call, nothing. Then I realized that my battery had been split in two and the positive cable blew right off the battery. No Power=No onstar. I find it sort of dumb that something that is meant to get help to you in the case of an emergency does not work if the battery is damaged. Especially when many if not most GM vehicles have the battery located in one of the front corners. Why do they not have some sort of battery backup? Not a huge 12v car battery, just a cell phone size battery? I understand cost of putting them in during the manufacture process and the added cost of the owner having to replace them every few years. But, come on! Who the heck designed something that is dependent on one of the first things damaged in a substantial frontal collision? An even better question is who approved said design for production? I'm done with my rant now. Thanks for reading
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    Tha battery for my truck is up by the firewall on the passanger side. I hope for those that want to use the service that glickes like that have been fixed since.
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    The original design was, indeed, a poor one. What surprises me, most, is that there's no spare battery by the OnStar unit, itself ... as there's plenty of space for a small backup battery in that location.
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    I dont know when they changed the equipment, as far back as 2008 at least maybe earlier but I know my wifes 08 HHR has a back-up battery for the On Star system be cause while it was at the shop for body work they had the battery out and somebody set off one of the sensors, since the bags were disconnected they didnt go off but On Star was alerted and it was on my monthly report, which is how I knew to ask the body shop what happened to the car while they had it.

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