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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by LisaO925, Sep 3, 2009.

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    It has been a long time since I posted here, sorry fellas, and other chicks..:happy: I remember one of the last things I posted about was my fuel gauge going all over the place after I filled my tank. That still went on, untill this am.. Here is where it gets

    (recap- 95 GMC 2500 2WD)

    So yesterday my husband picked up my daughter from school at 1:30pm... he told me the AC was running funny.

    I went to pick up my son at 3:pm.. Started the truck, there was a slight hesitation, but it did start. However, the truck was oddly, almost eerily quiet. Almost like you couldnt hear it running. On the way to get my son, I decided to test the AC. It turned on, but felt low, and bearly cold. It was muggy, and warm, but not too bad so I turned it back off. Assumed it was going out, and it would be delt with later.
    My radio station (yes, I am a dork, and DONT have a cool stero, YET) started to go out. So I switched, that station went out too, then, the radio quit. I got a sinking feeling. Mind you the school is about a mile away. I parked in the back of the school, turned off my truck. There was a lot of clicking noises under my feet. Went to turn on the truck, NOTHING! Dead-dead-dead. :grrrrrr: I waited till everyone cleared out, (I do have pride afterall) and tried again. It sounded like it wanted to start, but no power. So in my mind I am thinking okay, not the starter, its the alternator, and or battery. Called hubby, jumped truck, got it home. Okay long sotry short, we replaced both. I was on E at the point. Truck starts right up, everything si fine...

    This am, I leave to take kids to school. Get gas, filled her full. Went and got new exhaust on my truck.. 50 series tucked/turned down FlowMaster :heart:. Most girls want diamonds and gold, I want a rumble rumble bad ___ ride.. hehehe Not as loud as I would like, but since I still have NOT found my suburban yet (and well, hey, ive been getting more tattoos anyway, so, I am not trying real hard to save money I guess) I had to compromise. I like the monster truck sound. He doesnt, and since its "our" *cough cough MINE cough* truck, it was what we settled on. ANYWAY

    Today driving home, I noticed, there is NO play in my gas gauge. NONE!! Its fixed.. My AC is colder, and actually, my radio signal seems stronger. So, I have been wondering all day, is the alternator the reason for the gauge acting up. Is it just an odd coincidence? Or has my alternator been slowly dieing this whole time, and that stupid gas gague was my first sign?
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    Ummmm.....Yes. Although since you are female i am tempted to suggest that new muffler bearings fixed it!:glasses:
  3. LisaO925

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    Since I am female, am I supposed to bake you something now.. Maybe bring you the sports section in some heels too? :gasp: lol
  4. heavy chevy

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    hey I will settle for that. It never happens in my house. What I think is funny my ole lady always gripes when I buy stuff for the truck. But when she takes it out and thinks Im not looking or listening, she will rev the engine a whole lot just to hear the sound and drives it a hundred miles an hour. Heck sometimes ill let her drive and we will be riding down the road at 70 and then Ill hear rummm rummm or she will go to pass a car that is doing 80 and stomp on it. But yet she dont like when I buy stuff for my truck.
  5. Henchman

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    Sounds like the gremlins got tired of messn' with ya!
  6. Henchman

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    By the way...welcome back!

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