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  1. dburge

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    1965 Chevy C10 Custom
    Lowered, Electric Windows, Air, Under Bed Gas Tank, Pioneer Radio/TV/DVD 6 speaker system w/Amp Remember it is work in progress.
    383 Stroker Edlebrock top end, Headers, K&N, MSD Ignition/Distributor.
    I do have to find a mysterious battery drain that will not make itself know though. Cleans out an Optima full charge in 2 1/2 days.:grrrrrr:

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  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Welcome to the club. That is a SWEET truck.
  3. stephan

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    Welcome to the club. Battery drains are fairly easy to find. Unhook the neg batt cable. Hook an ampmeter or a test light between the negative batt post & the cable (don't use a voltmeter) Remove one fuse at a time untill the amprege drops to zero or the light goes out. That will be the circuit that has the draw. Once found & fixed, recheck (for another draw) & if you have another, continue pulling the remaining fuses because on a '65 it could have more than one.
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  4. dburge

    dburge New Member

    Thanks Guys

    Thanks for the welcome I appreciate that.
    I will try pulling fuses It is an after market wiring harness (no glass here) EZ Wiring.

    Thanks again will be on here more and more.:happy:

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