My Project Van.

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  1. eaglegcil

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    Well, Here it is, you asked for it... lol. this is my project van, a 1985 Astro, 4.3L V6 4BBL, 700R4. There's nothing really done to it as of yet, besides a Reciever was installed about 4 months ago. i'v got plans to upgrade the motor when funds will allow, body work, interior work and power Windows/Locks upgrade, Remote Start. Van already has Anti-Theft System, was on it when i got the van, and it works too.

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  2. MD4x4 Fireman

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    looks like you will have your hands full. when i looked at your sig i noticed something, you have a few vans lol
  3. eaglegcil

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    Ya, i got a few, i'm a van guy myself... but my baby is still the 89 SUB deisel... first i gotta fix that banged up quarter, don't know how hard it is going to be though. suppose, as it's on the passenger side, it may be a little easier. i don't really know, haven't looked at it to much yet.
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