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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by ifeelutoo, Nov 6, 2013.

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    I found this 2011 truck with a perfect body but it had a 4.8l moter in and I was not happy with the hp so I found a 6.o in a wrecked van with 18000 milles on it had it swapped. Put lngfltr 219/233 cam and kooks headers removed vvt and it dynoed at 378 rwhp. 12 mpg 93oct? Truck has so much power I would be a mess without traction control its so much fun. Im thinkin about a torque converter but dont know what it will do for me. I welcome sugestions please. Thanks

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    Welcome to the club!!

    What transmission are you using?? 4l80e?? Your truck comes factory with about a 2,400 stall converter so I would suggest a 3,600-3,800 stall to bump the power of the upgrades you have.
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    just my opinion, but I would shoot a bit lower than might be happier with a 2800-3200 TC. You have all the power you need to get launched, so there is no need to buzz the engine each time you pull from a stop. again, just my opinion.
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