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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by 07XCSB, May 3, 2012.

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    I posted this in the contest section, but wanted to post it here also. That way members and visitors can find it easier.

    I have about 3k miles on the Sylvania ZXE's, about 2k of that is night driving. I LOVE THEM! I replaced the Sylvania Xtravision 9006 low beems and the factory Philips 9005 high beems.

    Low beem: In mtn driving, I'm picking up road signs atleast 100 yards sooner. They will light up about a 1/3 more of a curve on entry and light up the entire exit and half of the next curve. You can see the line alot better. They offer great side lighting aswell, you can pick up a deer's eye's about 100 yards sooner and it's body about 50 yards sooner. That makes a HUGE difference with the extra 50 yards of braking distance. They throw so much forward light vs my old bulbs, that they actually lit up a black bear in the road and gave me plenty of time to slow the truck. If I would have still been running my Xtravisions, I would have hit the bear.

    Low beem: Hwy, They offer great long distance vision. They make debris alot easier to see. They again are a great help in lighting up road sign. I notcied small cars do not like them in in their rearview, but they should have bought a truck in the first place. Since they don't like the brightness of they usually pull over and get out of my way, Another bonus point there!

    High Beem: Driving in the mtns, You can see for DAYS! With all the curves in the mtns, it's really hard to take advantage of all the light the throw out. They are some of the best lights I've ever had,but the high beems do have one drawback. They are so bright that they cause a bright reflection on road sign in the tight mtn roads. The yellow signs are not that bad, but the white speed limit sign will blind you. So, if you are driving in tight mtn roads, just run your lows and fogs( if you have them) and you will not have a vision problem.

    High Beem: Hwy, You have an amazing field of vision on dark hwys. I can pick up animals and debris 50% farther down the road than I could with my stocks lights.

    I love these bulbs, I am wanting to put them in everything I own. I hope they make them for the factory fogs for my truck.

    I'm even fixing to put them in the 9 trucks at work also.

    I hope this review makes sense and helps.

    ****I would also like the thank Enkei and Sylvania again for the cool contest and wicked bulbs!***
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    Glad I could help out.. Now we need a pic of the lights and you wearing the Hat...:lol:
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    Since I don't wear hats mine went to @Curky, who spoke up when I offered it up to anyone on the forums. He posted a pic in his album, today:


    P.S. Steve, the Insert Image option won't accept that link for embedding; it complains with "error: Invalid File". It seems strange that the forum's Insert Image function won't accept links to images stored in Albums on the forum, itself. Also, I used a quote to grab your attention because tagging [MENTION=21316]stev[/MENTION]e clearly tags someone other than you. Both could probably take a looksee.
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    Originally I tried to put the picture on this form, tagging SurrealOne saying thank you, but it would not let me upload picture here. That is why I put it in my profile.
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    ## off topics for a second ## You have a have a .jpg or .gif or other file extension to import a file, if you don't use the "copy image" box, then it will take most browser capable images.

    Like this.

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    I try to avoid that, because the image disappears from the thread if it disappears from the linked location ... which is not good 2 years from now when people browse. :) Also, what's up with not being able to tag you?
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    :sign0018:OK, siting thinking about this now. I had one problem beforerecently and both pictures with the problems I took from my droid. Then emailedto myself and tried uploading from computer. I will have to work on this. I doknow (but wasn’t thinking) Every time you move anything around like that itcompresses an overlay. I will have to remember to change it. Thank You [MENTION=21316]stev[/MENTION]e

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