My trips to AZ.

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by howard_m18, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. howard_m18

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    We go to AZ for the winter each year & YES we leave the snow in MI. I have a daughter with 2 of my 8 grandkids. in Phoenix,AZ. & we aqrrive 10/1 & stay till 4/30. We go as WORKAMPERS? As a WORKAMPER,you could be in maintence, houskeeping, activities & guard duty at the gate & such. In exchange for your work, your lot space is paid for. This could run anywhere from $350 all the way to $7-800 per month. In most jobs, your electricity is feee ($25-50 ) per month. Some even pay you if you work more than your agreed upon hours. We are 1 hour away from kids & since their work is consistant, we get to see them 2-3 times per week. It is the best of both worlds,REALLY. This is what retirement is all about. Our 35' 3 slide 5th wheel is kept down there as it cost us $35 per month versus $600 to bring it back home & back again.
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    We have friends that do the same thing. We've considered it, but not right now. Where are you going to be "workamping" this year?
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    my grandparents do the same thing in Texas good way to save some money
  4. howard_m18

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    We have a chance to return to Arizona City. It is half way between Phoenix & Tuscon.
  5. howard_m18

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    We updated this yr so that we will be workamping in Apache Junction from 10/25/2010 till 4/1/2011. Looking forward to working? Howard

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