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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Tricountylawn, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Tricountylawn

    Tricountylawn New Member

    Hey guys, I love my 00' K2500 but I know I better put some work into it her sooner then later with plow season coming.


    Heres what ive had done

    Water pump @ 75k
    Master cylinder @ 86k
    Intake gasket @ 140ish k
    New plugs and wires and a new starter at 156k (present day)

    So im looking at for getting ready for winter

    New brake lines ( back section has a new line but im not crazy about how it was done)
    I know the bleeders are all stuck so i assume that means new calipers on the front and ive never even touched the drums so whatever the stuck bleeder in the back means.

    And im sure the front end needs wear parts and the power steering has been goofy for a long time. When you first start it , it works fine but after a few mins you have to bring up the rpms to make the wheels turn. I am also burning up passenger side tail light circuit panels fairly often. Something I need to address.

    So yeah , im dreading the call to the mechanic for the new brake lines etc. But I hate breakdowns in the plowing season even more. Yup that pretty well sums up my "pile of OBS"
  2. Pikey

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    Before you put new calipers on I would make sure that you can not get the bleeders open. You could always buy the new caliper and return them if you don't need them. I have had luck with some pb blast and vise grips. It seems like stuck bleeders always end up with up with rounded heads so you can't get them out. I have even used alittle heat when needed to get them out. Not alot, you don't want to melt the rubber in the caliper. Then you can just buy new bleeders and install them. If there are drums in the rear then you will be dealing with wheel cylinders. Not, a hard job just do one side at a time so you know how to put it back together. Front end parts are not all the hard to change out. Some ball joints are pressed in, you can rent the press from autozone. If they are riveted in then you just drill out the rivets and bolt the new ball joints in. I don't know what to tell you about the tail light circuit issue. Is there a bad ground?
  3. Crispyt

    Crispyt Rockstar 100 Posts

    For the power steering issue it could just be that the fluid has broken down over the years and has lost its viscosity. It probably turns easyer when its cold because the fluid is thicker when its cold. It happend to my brothers 1989 K2500 as soon as it got warm it would be hard to turn unless the rpms where higher. So I wouldn't condem the pump yet. There are two things you could try. 1 is to take about a quart out of the system and add some of the lucas power steering aditive to the system. It helps to make the fluid a little thicker and it will condition the old fluid still in the system. We did this to my brothers truck, only we added closer to 2 quarts and it fixed the issue. The other is to completly flush the system and add new fluid which is probably the best thing to do for it. Once you add the new fluid or the additive you will have to keep turning the steering wheel all the way to the left and back to the right a few times to work it into the system and get any air out of it. After you do that I would check the fuid level again and add if it is a little low still.

    If your doing the back brakes over your better off just getting new wheel cylinders for each side there only about $12 each at autozone. You should also put a new spring kit in as well, a lot of people dont do it because the springs "look ok". You can't tell the condition of a brakes springs all the time by just looking at them because they can look fine but they weaken a lot over time because of the heat of the brakes. This causes them to lose there tention and they can end up snapping. Most spring kits are usualy only about $15 and it will do both sides. As for the front I would do what Pikey mentioned try to soak the bleeders with some PB blaster for awhile. It beats about $35 a caliper if they need to be replaced.

    For the boards your burning up make sure that your not using really cheap quailtly ones because my friend did that with his trucvk and it seemed like every 6 months he had to replace it until he got good ones. Also make sure that the pigtail it plugs into isn't corroded and that the wires arn't bad anywhere in the system. To much resistance somewhere can cause that too. One last thing to check is to make sure that the bulbs your using arn't to high of a wattage for it either. That can cause to much heat and ruin the board too.

    Hope this helps a little!
  4. Tricountylawn

    Tricountylawn New Member

    Thanks guys, everything mentioned was right on and inline with the lil bit of advise I have gotten thus far. I will be getting with my mechanic tomorrow to get a estimate. I wish I had the time to tear into some of these things myself since thats how ive learned the little bit I know about turning a wrench. But when the truck rolls pretty much everyday its stressful learning when its got to be on the road in the AM

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    How do you get the fluid out of the power steering pump? I will grab some lucas in the AM.
  5. Crispyt

    Crispyt Rockstar 100 Posts

    The best way to do it is to take a small hand pump that you can probably get at the same place you ge your lucas additive. There is a small one that you squeeze and its about $4 or less. I know autozone carrys them. The other way you can do it is to take some clean rags or paper towels and use them to soak up the fluid from the resivor. It will take longer but it can be done i've done it before with some clean rags. The rags would probably be better to use because you don't have to worry about them possably breaking when they get wet. I would recomend using more than one bottle of the additive but you will have to add what you can run it and mix it in. Then possably take more out of the resivoir and add more if you can.

    Good luck!
  6. Tricountylawn

    Tricountylawn New Member

    Gotcha, I will give it a shot. Im sure there's some kinda turkey baster item in the kitchen but as you said I will be at the auto parts place anyways.

    Any ideas as to why the turn signal flashes normal when the light/running lights or off and fast when they are on ? I assume its bulb related.

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    Gotcha, I will give it a shot. Im sure there's some kinda turkey baster item in the kitchen but as you said I will be at the auto parts place anyways.

    Any ideas as to why the turn signal flashes normal when the light/running lights or off and fast when they are on ? I assume its bulb related.
  7. Crispyt

    Crispyt Rockstar 100 Posts

    They are probably double filliment bulb. There should be 2 bulbs in the front for the turn signal, parking lights, and flasher. As well as a rear bulb that probably is both your brake and turn signal bulb. Make sure that you take a close look at all the bulbs and make sure that none of the filliments are burned out. Also if they are metal base bulbs make sure that they are the right bulbs. The wrong ones might fit but the pins will be off so one filliment might not be coming on. The rear bulbs I belive should be 3157's and I could be wrong but the front ones I belive are 2057A's. Turn signals will generaly always flash faster than normal when a bulb is burned out in some way. I would just start with checking the filliments first. Visual inspection is the best way to solve a problem.

    Also I noticed from your picturn that you have it set up for a plow. When you wired the lights for the plow did you splice into the wiring for the parking lights? If so make sure that none of your connections fell apart or got messed up. I worked on a truck where someone did that and the connection fell apart so only one parking light was working properly causing it to blink fast.

    Good luck

    By the way did you have any luck with the power steering?
  8. Tricountylawn

    Tricountylawn New Member

    The only parts store I ran in (advance) didnt have the lucas and they had a line so I didnt bother with them. So maybe tomorrow I will get by another place. Far as the plow goes it was installed at the Chevy Dealer in 02' so I have no idea what they did.
  9. Crispyt

    Crispyt Rockstar 100 Posts

    I know autozone carrys it. I used to work there, they usualy keep it near the front or it will be on there chemical wall which has all the fuel and oil treatments. I think its about $10 a bottle but the price might have changed since then. It will be in an all white bottle with blue lettering and I think it says lucas in red.

    For your lights you will probably notice any broken or messed up wires when you take your parking light cover off in the front usualy you can see the wires a little clearer that way. Could also be corroded sockets too, exspecialy if they are metal based ones. It's usualy pretty easy to take the covers off. Its usualy a screw in each corner or some styles just have 2 on one side then it flips open.
  10. Tricountylawn

    Tricountylawn New Member

    I still haven't picked up any lucas , My wife will grab some at evil wal-mart if they have it tonight. I have almost got the courage up to do the front end work myself. The brake lines look like a real PITA and I have never flared or own a flaring tool. Whats a good one cost 100-150?. I wouldn't expect any of the fittings or junctions (if thats what they are called?) to spin/un-thread real easy.

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