My truck wont start HELP.

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by dustintreibel, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. dustintreibel

    dustintreibel New Member

    I have a 1999 Gmc Sierra 4x4, ex cab, reg bed, with 170000 miles. The truck will turn over and run for about a second or two. If you try to press the gas pedal in that time it will die right away. I have tried a tune up that didnt work and then i tried changeing the fuel pump and it still does the same thing. It has been in Colorado its entire life. Can anyone help me with my truck?

    Since my post the other day i have changed the fuel filter and tried my old mass air flow sensor to see if that is my problem. The weather has been very nice and mild ever since my truck stoped working on 2/7/09. Well it still didnt work. and it was suggested to me to change my cap and rotor but this engine does not have those it is a coil over set up. Any other suggestions would be helpful.
  2. heavy chevy

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    I also suggested that you check your altenator. When the truck applies a load to it. The truck will die beacause the alt is not charging the battery. It has 170000 miles on it. This could very well be the problem. Ohh dont let autozone or some place like that check it. The brushes on the inside could be bad. If you are gonna have it checked insted of just replacing it. Take it to a altenator shop. They will be able to check it the right way. I have taken altenators and starters to auto zone just for them to tell me that there is nothing wrong with it. Then i buy a alt or starter and it fixes the problem. Just my two cents. I am not a GM mechanic but I am a mechanic machinist. I cant promisse that is what is wrong but it could be what is wrong. If that isnt the problem have your fuel system cleaned. Buy some seafoam and follow the directions for fuel. I hope you get it fixed i hate when my rides have problems. GOOD luck and PM me if you need any additional help.
  3. mjalstad

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    It might help you in the right direction to get it read for codes. I know you can't take it to autozone, but maybe you could get your hands on a programmer to check.
  4. ladder344

    ladder344 New Member

    Do you have a alarm system in your truck??? If so try putting the alarm into valet mode then try starting. The alarm might be cutting off the fuel pump thinking it is being stolen

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