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    hi every one ,
    i have a gmc sierra model 2014 single cab , i want to put 26s rims on my truck , my question is do i have to tune the transmisson so i dont have to face any possible damages in the gearbox ? i hope you could help me with this issue .

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    If you Install Tires on the 26in" Rims, that have a Larger Overall Diameter, than Original Tires, you'll need to get the Vehicle’s Computer Re-Programmed, for this Change in Tire Size, the reason, is your Vehicles Computer Calculates your Speed based on the Diameter of the Stock Tires, and with this change in Tire Size"Overall Diameter"your Vehicle’s Computer doesn’t know how Fast your Vehicle is going. As a result, the Automatic Transmission may Not Shift Correctly and the Speedometer Readings will Not be Accurate (as required by law).
  3. You can quickly change the tire height with a hand programmer but I don't think there would be any issues anyways.

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