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    Well, this weekend, during the day time (nights were party time :lol:) I had a lot of time to kill. So, I did a few different things to my 'burb. First, and biggest, project was replacing all the old carpet panels on the bottom of al 4 doors with carbon fiber. I cut them to size, and re-used the chrome trim on them as well. This was sorta time consuming getting it all nice, but I'd say it was worth it.

    My second "project" was just moving the Pioneer 6.5" speakers into the upper door panel below the power window switches since I didn't want to have to make some kind of spacer and blend it with the carbon fiber panels. This only took all of an hour to do both (I know you can see the ugly wiring, I'm still workin on that haha).

    Well, anyway, here are some pics to go along with my rambling (sorry they're so small, idk why...?):




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    Looks good! It sure made a difference.

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