mysterious Coolant Leak/Sludge in Oil

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    Hello, I have a 2005 Chev Silverado with a minor coolant leak.

    Tested system to 21 PSI with no leaks anywhere.

    Used about 1 gal over 1 month.

    Changed Oil and found Jelly Like Sludge in Oil pan.

    Drained oil and sludge and installed new oil.

    Truck has 85k miles, Oil changes done evey 3500 miles and well maintained.

    Research shows:

    Dry intake on 5.3 2005

    TSP from Chev on Cracked Cyl Heads: Some vehicles may experience a gradual coolant loss over time. A very low percentage of cylinder head(s) manufactured with an embossed Castech logo may develop a porosity crack in a very specific area.

    Inspect the cylinder head assembly to determine if the casting was manufactured by Castech. This can be accomplished by inspecting for their casting logo located on top of the intake port, under the rocker arm support rail and in the spring deck cavity portion of the cylinder head.

    Do you have any history on this problem ? I see I am not alone with this problem.

    Thank you, Charles e-mail:


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