Mystery of the bearings at the oil drain plug

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by peteroli, Apr 10, 2009.

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    GMC Sierra, 75,000 mi. At last oil change, mechanic found four 1/4-inch cartridge bearings stuck at the magnetic end of the oil drain plug. Something must be breaking down -- but what might it be?
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    Welcome to the site! Tell us more about your engine (V8/V6, what size). Thanks!
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    Left behind

    Maybe someone playing a practical joke on you? It seems to me that any bearing that was missing a roller would soon be disintegrating. Not to mention making a lot of racket. Outside of the roller rocker mentioned, I can't think of any roller bearing within the engine. Back in the day there used to be all kinds of stories about GM workers leaving all sorts of goodies behind during their shift. These days engines are mostly assembled in Mexico.

    btw the best story I heard was one where there was a noise towards the rear of the car whenever a sharp turn was made. Turned out to be a coke bottle hung on a string behind the rear seat back. Hmmm.....sounds like a good idea for a thread. Anyone want to start one?:glasses:

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