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    I hate carpet and fur...

    After 30 years - carpet, fur and cloth on something like a door is beyond cleaning.

    On my new project truck 87 C10, One of my first two problems required I remove the door panel... a missing lock pin and a door that sometimes won't open.. quickly after pulling the panel off, both were fixed in short order.. but I have no intention of putting everything back to stock. I'm still pondering exactly what I will do.

    here's the original nasty panel and that hideous rug underneith.


    here;s what's behind the panel


    here's my panel stripped of the nastyness and cleaned up .. great bones.


    The Plan


    Not sure where I will get a handle that fits/works.. thinking either hardwood or stainless steel. I also don't have a cupholder in mind yet.

    Any ideas for the handles and the cupholder? I'm planning to paint the full panel black anyways so any plastic will be uniform.

    I checked and aftermarket panels will run about $200 minimum.. and none seem to cover the fur on the bottom which I can't stand.

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