For Sale NBS 07 silverado 1500 LT

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by Harri462, Jan 21, 2012.

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    NBS lifted 07 silverado 1500 LT

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    [TD]Only reason I am selling this truck is because I'm getting knee surgery and it's gunna be a nuisance for the 8 month recovery time trying to jump up in it with a leg cast haha. It's an 07 silverado LT with everything except gps and electric seats. I'm the 2nd owner with 57,xxx miles on her running strong all with synthetic oil changes at the dealership. A month ago I had all the fluids changed at the trenary Chevy dealer like tranny fluid, diff, etc.. There was an accident but no damage was done to the truck. AT ALL. An elderly lady rear ended me and hit my hitch just causing her to need a front bumper. She wanted to claim it on her insurance so therefore thats what the police report did on my vehicle was make it look bad for me. I have documentation and everything for potential buyers that are unsure because of this. As for aftermarket stuff on it I installed a 4inch super lift about 18k miles ago and it still fits in the car washes which is awesome cause it takes forever to hand wash. 20inch incubus offroad rims, 33/12.50/20 toyo a/t put on less than 4k miles ago. Rhino liner, tint all the way around, HID kits done all the right way (expensive). Gibson dual exhaust which is currently making a small rattling noise in the muffler. The weld connecting the muffler to the pipe is coming loose so it just needs re welded (its too cold for me to bother at the moment). Drilled and slotted rotors, 14-18 highway 9-13 city estimated, kicker sub and system, fender flares painted to match, towing package. I have towed my trailer fully loaded with 3 dirtbikes a 55 gallon jug filled with water and all kinds of equipment with no issues at all. She drives straight for a lifted vehicle I have no complaints other than the bumper stops I put on myself to prevent the tires from rubbing. It has a remote start which comes in handy, she is ready to be sold and driven as a daily driver or a weekend vehicle it is in that good of shape. I'm an honest person I have nothing to hide about the vehicle. It's paid off and mine and I really dont want to sell it but sh*t happens and hopefully someone else can love it like i do. It has won many car shows in my old town and still runs as strong as the day I bought her. Pictures won't do justice so I hope you come and take her for a test drive. Call or shoot me a text anytime my name is James (812)240-7889 the vehicle blue books at $25,901 so I feel comfortable asking $26,500. Thank you for your interest!

    164758_483941249164_776424164_5620813_3293919_n.jpg IMG_1871.jpg IMG_1652.jpg IMG_1703.jpg 29533_405555807296_718567296_4265382_368847_n.jpg
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    Good luck with the sale!!,
  3. Harri462

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    thanks! bump for pics
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    Good luck with the sale man. I think you could come down some if you need the money asap i know you go by bluebook but people these days dont belive in paying retail lol. My truck i would be fine at selling for 24k easy but i also have allot of money into my truck over 6k but dont always get what you put into the truck but good luck bro.
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    I'm not looking for money ASAP. I just believe its a fair price for what the truck is worth. We shall see I suppose
  6. Harri462

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    Bump for $500 price drop

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