(NBS) Stock 18" Z71 Wheel - Tire Options After 2" Level

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by MAsZ71, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. MAsZ71

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    Before anyone "yells" at me for starting ANOTHER tire thread, I did a lot of searching and found some info scattered about, but was hoping to generate some discussion on my particular situation. Hopefully, with the detailed title, others can find this thread using the search function and get some great info!! :great:

    I have an '07 NBS Silverado Crew Cab with Z71 4x4. It has the stock 18x8 rims. I plan to keep these rims. Even though I would like to lift the truck, I have decided for now to just do the Rough Country 2" leveling. The truck currently has the Bridgestone Dueler AT 265/65/18 tires. I am looking for the following information from you fine folks....

    * I want to stay with an AT tire, but like the aggressive tread look. I offroad occassionally, but nothing extreme. Looking for good road ride and wear. Suggestions? Why?

    * I want to buy a larger size (height & width) tire to fit the truck after it is leveled. But I don't want to rub. What are my options?

    * If you have the same 18" rims and have done a RC 2" level, please post some pics.

    Anything you can offer up to help will be GREATLY appreciated!

    If you decide that you still want to "yell" at me, then send me a PM! :na:
  2. vncj96

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    What is your plan for recalibrating the computer to deal with the bigger tires. Depending on how much bigger of a tire you get it can through of the ABS and hurt your MPG if the computer doesnt know the correct tire size. It will also effect your speedometer as you will be going slower then the gauge actually says.
  3. Shorty 71

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    I have an 08 silverado with a 2.25 inch readylift leveling kit. I was surprised how good it looked after it was installed. I'm not sure about a AT tire but i have toyo mt's and am surprised how quite they are on the road. I thought they would be alot noisier than what they are. As far as wear ive heard people say that have 40,000 miles on the tires and still have tread. My tire size is 33x12.50x18 and i only have rubbing when i make a tight turn, no big deal. Check out readylift, you get an extra 1/4 inch. May not seem like alot but it is when your trying to fit a 33 inch tire:)
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  4. Shorty 71

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    All you have to do to set the tpms is follow you owners manual. If he goes with a leveling kit it does not effect anythin but the looks of the truck. Hes only going to be able to fit a 33 inch tire and that does not effect your speedometer. As far as mpg that might depend on what type of tire he goes with, but i have toyo mts and my mileage is about the same.
  5. MAsZ71

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    We have a local guy that tunes. I have used him before. I can get him to correct this for me. I am not going to change the tires too much. The difference in speed will be fairly insignificant. Good question though!!
  6. MAsZ71

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    My stock rims are 18 x8, what are the dimensions of your aftermarket rims? I have read that some of the larger tires won't work with the 8" dimension of my rim. Does anyone know what the limits are for this rim?

    EDIT: I see from your signature that your rims are 18 x 9.

    BTW, the stance of your truck is basically what I am looking for. I still want to stay a little less aggressive than the MTs.
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  7. Shorty 71

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    You'll love the look of the leveling kit. Yes my wheels are 18x9 and when you find the tire you want it'll say what wheel width it will fit. Good luck:)
  8. fx2offroad

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    I have a chevy silverado with the same rims as you. I put the Superlift 2.5 inch lift kit on it. I love these wheels too. When the factory tires wear down i'm getting 285's. (33 in.) tires. and it will for sure be the BFGoodrich A/T's. I will never own another tire unless I go with a mud terrain. The Bfgoodrich's are awesome tires. Snow, dirt, RAIN, dry. The mud is so so, but and then again, if you go mudding you'll want a mud terrain. I never go mudding because for the 1 hour of fun you have, I don't enjoy the 5 hours of cleaning!:neutral:

  9. 1S1K

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    285 's on 18's or 33 12.5 on 18's with the 2.5 lift will fit with no issues...
  10. redneckarmyMP

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    i put the rough country leveling kit on my 04 and im running 285s with no problems.ive got cooper discoverer STs on right now.nice, even wear and very quiet and put about 40000 miles and probably have another 30-40000 left on em.theyve never left me stranded in the mud, outstanding in rain and even flood waters!haha great tire in my opinion.im actually wanting a little larger tire like a 305 but with that much tread left itll be a while before i need a new set.good luck with your search!

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