NC to Las Vegas hitch hiker episode

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by skipray, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Well,my 95 burb with 250,000 made it from NC to Vegas with no problems.I stopped for gas and two two hour power naps and a shower at the flying J.I'm definately a happy camper.I was figuring Murphys Law would kick in somewhere along the way,but I was wrong.75-85mph almost the whole way.
    Along the way,it was pouring down rain.I saw a hitch hiker standing along the road.I decided to be a good guy and give him a ride.It took about one minute to realize this guy had serious case of really bad BO.I decided that he was not going to be getting a ride as far as he wanted.I dropped him off at the first truck stop that I came across.I also picked up a can of air freshener.After getting up the road a bit,my conscious was getting the better of me for kicking this guy out.This guy was down on his luck for whatever reason.People have helped me when I was down and out.Well,I justified it in my head looking at it as taking a guy out of the rain along the road and dropping him off at a nice dry truck stop.I even gave him ten bucks to get something to eat or drink if that was his thing.
    Well after a couple of hours more,I smelled that bad BO again.I realized it was me LOL.After a shower at the truck stop,I didn't put on any anti-perspirant!
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    lol your bad

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