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    Hey all, new to the forum and looking for some advice on a current project that I have underway, My baby is a 1996 K-1500 extended cab and the fuel pump went out yesterday. I know it is the pump because the relay, fuse, etc. are good and there is no pressure in the fuel system.

    I opted to remove the bed and tackle this from the top instead of dropping the tank. Once I removed the bed, I realized that the tank is actually a replacement that the guy before me put in: its a 1997 tank from a salvage yard (see all photos below).

    Just looking for any advice from experienced folks out there as I move into the project of putting in the new pump. The main question I have is, do I need to get a pump that is actually for a 1997 truck since it is a '97 tank, or will a replacement of the original '96 pump work?

    Other questions below under the pictures. Thanks for your help!


    1. Advice on getting it out without getting carloads of rust in the tank
    2. Other than the large vent line, what are the other 3 lines and how do make sure I hook them back up correctly to the new pump?
    3. Any other advice you have.

    2012-08-01_20-06-10_522.jpg 2012-08-01_20-07-16_466.jpg 2012-08-01_20-13-56_506.jpg

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