NEED advise, 77 350....

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 77chevy, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Hi I need some advice! Do Ya think ya kin help me???????

    I have a 1977 chev with a 350, that's been nothing but T.R.O.U.B.L.E. You see, It EATS carburators
    for breakfast!!!! this is the prettyest truck I have EVER owned, But 2 MPG is KILLING ME!!!
    I went and orderd from summit raceing, an Edelebrock carb and intake manifold. My question is how
    to remove the distributer! And get it back in properly. This truck has one HELL of an appetite!
    Have tried to sell it, The eyes of people that see this beautiful truck bug out of their heads, Till
    they hear it run, They run away with their tail between their legs as fast as they can. The truck has
    97,300.8 orig miles on it. But the carb. is junk, and I think the manifold is cracked or leaking. That's
    why I want to replace the manifold too. :grrrrrr::grrrrrr::grrrrrr:
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    Welcome to the site. I would make sure the intake gaskets are installed correctly. If you are not sure check for intake leaks with carb cleaner. Another common mistake a lot of Chevy owners make is they install a square bore carb on a spread bore manifold. If you use any carb other than a Quadrajet on a Performer manifold you do need an adaptor to make it run smoothly.

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