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  1. rogainegt

    rogainegt New Member

    Just picked up a 99 Escalade, 5.7 Vortec - 145K miles- it was displaying a P1345 (cam timing) & P0161 (rh/rr O2) code.
    Corrected timing, cleared codes and she ran much better.
    Full tune up... The old #'s 4 & 6 plugs looked dark & sooty... the rest were perfect.

    Noticed a bit of smoke when it first fires up... but not blue.
    O.K. - at first I'm thinking spider or injectors (pintles).
    But, it looks more like condensation. Oil is dirty, but is not milky (as is oil cap).

    PCV & vent cap have a bit milky residue though.

    Runs well, but a tiny bit of a rough idle. Decent power - now.
    Drove 30 miles, and set a different rear O2 & RH cat converter code.

    All codes are on the RH side, a bit of moisture inside the engine ventilation system, #4 & #6 plugs dirty

    I believe I have heard of intake gaskets doing this before... can anyone verify?
    Pulling intake this evening - would love some verification
  2. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    have you cleaned the MAFS?
  3. rogainegt

    rogainegt New Member

    Inspected the MAF (no K&N thank goodness)

    Weird that its only on those 2 cylinders (4&6)
    Pintels look respectable, every intake port looks like there is fuel delivery
    Not much carbon build-up inside... gonna split the plenum tomorrow & clean iac ports & egr circuit

    No missfire or lean/rich codes, but every time I set a code, it's different, but always on RH bank.
    After I button it up, gonna replace the temp switch & the rh-rr O2 sensor anyway

    Just hoping an intake set might help - don't wanna pull the head


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