Need Assistance/Advice - Issue with Stereo in '03 Silverado

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Seadweller, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Seadweller

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    Just bought my son a 2003 Silverado Extended Cab LS in beautiful condition. The only issue with the truck was the front speakers, which were "crackling," so I assumed they were bad. I just got done replacing both woofers, and to my surprise, the "crackling" sound remained. Out of curiosity, I played a CD, which sounded perfect. For some odd reason, on AM/FM radio, there's a "crackling" sound coming from the speakers. It's not a lack of signal or static, as the radio will seek to the local stations just fine.

    Any idea why the radio would "crackle" like this, yet sound perfect using the CD player? I assume that means it can't be the amplifier, or it would sound the same on all sources.

  2. Pikey

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    Welcome to GMTC. I have moved your thread into the Audio, Video, Gadget tech sub forum in an attempt too get you better answers.

    Considering that the radio uses the same speaker outputs for a CD as it would terrestrial radio it seems to me that the issue would have to be in the radio. It would have to be something with the signal that the am/fm part sends to the speaker output. Could be a broken or cracked solder connection. That is just my uneducated opinion, I don't know much about radios. But, I do know about electronics in general. Hopefully someone will come along soon that can lend more help. Again, Welcome to GMTC.

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    I was thinking about this some more. I often purchase "broken" TVs on Craigslist on the cheap, repair them, and sell them. Many times it is just a 45 cent capacitor that is bad in them. I recently had one that did basically what you are describing, had a messed up picture on tv input, but a great picture on all the others. I found a swollen leaking capacitor on the tv output board. I changed it out and the tv worked great. Although radios are not quite as complicated with multiple input and output boards, I am curious if you open it up, you might find an obvious issue. The cd mechanism is easy to remove as a unit (I recently replaced my 6 disc changer) and that would expose the circuit board. I would not suggest attempting it if you are not comfortable with this kind of thing. I screwed up many circuit boards before I learned how to do it properly. I would wait for more answers and if everyone else thinks it is internal also, then go for it. Heck, the radio is already kind of broken already. You may finish breaking it or you might just fix it.
  3. Seadweller

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    Thanks...By the way, I should have mentioned, this happens whether the engine is running or not, so I have ruled out ignition noise...
  4. j cat

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    check the antenna and or connections to it pull out the radio and plug in another antenna see if it works better.
  5. ChevyFan

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    Yeah. Maybe the antenna is shorting out somewhere?
  6. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Is this like a faint crackle? Or is it even louder than the music?
  7. Seadweller

    Seadweller New Member

    Thanks for everyone's help, but I was able to resolve the issue...I only had time to replace the driver side speaker the other day, and replaced the passenger side speaker this evening...After replacing both speakers, the system performance was completely restored, and I must say, it's not bad for a stock system, particularly when listening to CD's...

    I removed the fabric cover on the old woofers, and found the foam surround had completed disintegrated, leaving the cone floating with no support...What I believe happened was the voice coils on both speakers were grounded on the magnet, causing the entire system to "short out" in a sense...I now wonder what the condition of the rear door speakers is, even though they aren't exhibiting any issues at the moment...
  8. ChevyFan

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    Photos. Photos. Photos.
  9. Seadweller

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    OK, for you inquisitive types :happy:, here's a picture of one of the woofers...Both were in the same condition...Notice that the foam surround deteriorated completely as is missing entirely...The foam surround is what stabilizes the drivers cone, and positions the voice coil in the magnet slot...Without the foam surround, the voice coils were grounded on the magnet, causing all sorts of havoc...

    For simplicity sake, I just bought the stock Delco speakers on eBay for $25 each, so it was just a matter of popping the old one out, and replacing it with the new one...If anyone has distortion, crackling, or other symptoms, I'll bet your woofers are shot like mine were...I was actually quite surprised at how good the system sounds on CD's, so I see no need to upgrade the speaker components...


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