Need CHEAP long headers for 99 5.3 Silvy.

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by GMTRUCKLOVER, Feb 7, 2008.



    Anyone know where I could run down some fairly inexpensive.....Ok, CHEAP long tubers for my Silverado? I swear, I bought a set of Hooker SC's for my 68 Camaro (Blown 427) 10 years ago for less than you can buy these for now! WHATS UP WITH THAT? :grrrrrr: All I can say is somebody's gettin rich and it aint me! :lol:
  2. GM_Guy

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    Thanks man. Been there already. Looks like around $300 is the cheapest out there. Anyone have any used ones for sale or know where to maybe find some?
    Also, is it really that much better to go with full length over shorties?
  4. hard2kill

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    look on ebay for pacesetter longtube headers preferabley with the ceramic coating
  5. finalday7

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    Yeah I'd say if you're looking for inexpensive long tubes, go with Pacesetter. I'm just waiting for them to make a set for my truck. Long tube headers will give you more torque and help with the low end to get you going a little faster and help with towing.

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