Need everyones help ~ Idling Issues

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by MTM, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. MTM

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    Alright I posted this questions a few weeks ago and got some feedback but need help. I an still having idle issues. Makes no sense to me when the hood is open it idles perfect tgen you close the hood it wants to die. Never has died all the way but it wants to. Other than this have no other issues. Need any thoughts possible
  2. Skippy

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    Sounds like your engine compartment isn't breathing. If your air intake is drawing air from the compartment, and the hood is closed (and seals tight), you'll restrict air intake.

    Check to see if the hole in your air filter box is restricted in any way, and make sure the air path to the intake box (usually at a fender or something) hasn't been filled up with debris or otherwise.

    One last thing... are your fans working?

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  3. tbplus10

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    I understand where Skippy's coming from but I think there should be enough air coming from underneath the truck to allow it to run, I mean unless you have a sealed engine bay this shouldnt be a problem.
    But on a longshot here have you run the truck at night with no light sources? Maybe lower the hood partially and watch for arcing coming from the ignition components? Maybe somethings not sealed properly or incorrectly grounding on the hood via arcing?
  4. MTM

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    Here's my recent upgrades persay. I have a cold air...spectre. I was having power issues traced it to the MAF sensor so replaced that then I went ahead and changed the radiator while I had all that apart. Seemed to run fine but now I'm just lost for thoughts. Hope this helps
  5. SurrealOne

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    Loose wire(s) into the MAF? Wires into MAF positioned in such a way that when the hood comes down it makes contact with them (part time or completely) and affects its operation? Hood coming down on a wire causing a short, somewhere?
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  6. tbplus10

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    Is the Spectre cold air box a closed style system, i.e. uses the hood to seal the box from the engine compartment while a supply tube draws air from outside the truck?
    If so then like Skippy posted this could be your problem and you need to check the inlet tube to the box for restrictions
  7. dsfloyd

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    this is where I what I was originally thinking.

    These make sense too.
  8. MTM

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    It's open it draws air from the engine bay
    The fan clutch looks fine.
  9. dpeter

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    Is there a vacume hose being displaced as the hood is closed causing it to open up and leak? Does it drive OK on the road?
  10. MTM

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    No nothing is in the way at all. And yea that's what is so crazy it runs awesome. Give you an idea I can go to pass someone and it downshifts and tries to get sideways and I'm on 33's. Fuel mileage is normal everything seems perfect but can't figure this out at all

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