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    Hey. My name is Aaron and i live in Richmond, VA. I am giving some thought on buying an older model Suburban(80's maybe?). I am trying to get some information on what the right one will be for me. I am not looking to spend more than $1500. This would be strictly for a side project to keep me busy on the weekends if i were to buy one. I want a 4x4 with a 5.7 or greater, some work required on it wouldnt be a problem. The fact of tyhe matter is, i just need to know a little more about suburbans so i will buy the one that i want.
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    well what type of things would you like to know???
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    Ok you want a Suburban for a weekend project vehicle, a good choice for a project.
    What type tasks would this Suburban be doing? Towing, off-roading, traveling, cruizing, party vehicle transportation?
    A $1500 price range would probably get you a 1991 or earlier model, possibly a 1992-1997 that needs lots of work.
    The 350 engine would be the best choice due to the large amount of performance parts available and the ability to squeek out decent mpg. But you could get a 7.4 (454), 6.5 Diesel, or a 5.3 all depending on year model. Intake systems depend on year model also. Carburated for the early models, TBI, and even some Tuned Port models were available later on.
    You have a few different trans choices, depending on engine and year model, 1970's to mid 80's would be either a turbo 350 or a turbo 400, both 3 speeds. Mid 80's to mid 90's would be 700r4 4 speed. Mid 90's would be 4le60 or 4le80 again depending on engine.
    You can choose rear barndoors or tailgate (owners preference).
    Interiors came with anything from 4 pass. seating to 9 pass. seating, 4 buckets, 6 buckets, 3 bench seats, or any combination in between. Amenities like pwr wndws & locks were available on all years or you could get a stripped version with no amenities.
    Conversion models were popular and usually had cloth seats and were fully loaded, but work versions could be had with vynal interior also.
    You can choose from Frt and RR A/C, Frt A/C, or no A/C.
    The list goes on and on.

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