Need help deciding on an older Chevy/GMC truck

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by johnvosh, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. johnvosh

    johnvosh Member

    So I am thinking of getting myself an older Chevy/GMC truck in the spring time next year. I am looking to do a partial type restore on it. I would be removing the cab/box and cleaning up the frame/repainting it, replacing brake/fuel lines, resealing the motor & painting it, fixing the body & repainting, etc., etc......

    What would you recommend is the best year truck to go with? I would love to do a '72 Chevy as I used to have one 10 years ago but my brother rolled it. But they are hard to find in decent shape for a decent price. So I was thinking '73-'87, '91-'94. I was thinking of skipping the '88-'90 as I don't like the interior (mainly the dash/cluster).

    I've got a Pick-N-Pull in Edmonton to get parts for any of these model's so parts aren't too much of a problem.

    Thanks for all your help/advice.

    --Edit: I forgot to mention that I am to find a long bed truck as I personally don't like short bed's --
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  2. Jimmeh

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    Out of your choices, I would go 91-94 personally. Ex cab short bed. Although, I have had nasty thoughts about a crew cab 80's....
  3. johnvosh

    johnvosh Member

    I kinda of thinking that as well. I had a '94 'Burban and like the interior, plus it was fuel injected so no need to mess around with a carb.
  4. Boonduff

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    The 91-94 have the same dash as the 88-90. They just changed the gauges or in GM speak the gages.
  5. tbplus10

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    73-87, classic styling, with so many aftermarket and OEM replacement parts to choose from. You can literally build one of these trucks out of catalogs from the frame up, one of the Truck shows on T.V. did it by mail order.
    Another desreable quality is the lack of way to many electronics, no computers to screw with, simple ignition that can be repaired with a few tools. Maybe they dont get mpg as good as newer trucks but electronics reliability is worth more than a few gallons of fuel to me.
  6. johnvosh

    johnvosh Member

    Ya, that is why I don't like the '88-'90, because of the instrument cluster
  7. csltrains96

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    I own an '89. The instrument cluster wouldn't be such a hard thing to deal with if you replaced it with a Dakota Digital dash cluster. Looks great, and even has a few more features than the stock cluster had.

    Just my opinion.

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