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  1. Romeo5k

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    Okay hello all, im planning on buying a Tahoe LT. It has to be an LT or better, i cannot do LS. Allow me to explain, i want something with leather, i cant do cloth :-(, and also, i do not like bench seats for the 2nd row.
    Yes i am buying preowned, 07, 08, 09.
    But here are my dilemmas, and has been causing me to over look some trucks, then a bright idea came up to ask someone. (besides a salesman)
    My dilemmas are as i said above, i hate bench seats in 2nd row, So question, are those able to be replaceable by a noob? Or does it require professional services only?
    Next, on some LT they have this cup holder in between armrest and dash, why is it black? Are they able to be replaced by the ones in the LTZ which look at lot luxurious? And can a n00b do it. Those are the 2 main things pushing me away from alot of LT and pushing me towards LTZ. If i buy an LT, can i create that look?
    BTW: i call myself a n00b because im a n00b to chevy, but im a pro at infiniti.!.. But im trynna get in the Chevy Tahoe family! :)
  2. thompsoj22

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    these vehicles are easily modified

    seating and consoles from bench seats to captains chairs are interchangebale between alot of models and simple bolt in swaps. if you are buying a tahoe for luxury my opinion is to really consider your decision. we love our tahoe for the interior room, ride, versatility and reliability. I am a mercedes loyalist and will allways have one, that gives me IMO unsurpassed luxury,performance,safety. keep your MB spinoff infinity:rofl: as your luxury car and possibly comprimise on some of the "bling" you are looking for in the tahoe. remember that the tahoe is a truck platform with terrible fuel mileage and really a heavy suv. buy vehicles as "turn key". in other words exactly what you want, trying to match colors,fabrics and wear on retrofits is a pain in the neck

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