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  1. s5belford

    s5belford New Member

    I have a 09 silverado extended cab and have been looking around online for those sweet molded floor mats that are really deep for the slushy winters in MI.

    Does anyone have them in their truck, with any thoughts or pictures? and where you got them?

    I've been looking at them online but non of them have pics of them actually in a silverado. so just wondering if anyone knows where to get them for a good price? or if they're even worth the $70-$150

  2. donl

    donl New Member

    Sorry no pics but my 09 LTZ Crew Cab 4wd came with Weather Tech Floor Liners from the dealer. First time I've ever had the floor liners in anything and they are great.
  3. 08SierraSLE

    08SierraSLE New Member

    I've got weather techs in my Sierra and I love them. I don't have any pics but I also don't know how different my interior is from yours. They fit really well and I highly recommend them.
  4. Stouffer

    Stouffer New Member

    I have the Weather Techs as well. Love them. You hardly ever have to vacuum the truck at all. Highly recommend getting them.
  5. heavy chevy

    heavy chevy New Member

    heck auto zone had a huge selection of floor mats. support you local economy on this purchase.
  6. s5belford

    s5belford New Member

  7. DarkCherry

    DarkCherry New Member has the weather tech molded ones as well as the husky liners. Personally i like the weather tech ones. Cabelas also has a line of liners (made by weathertech) that are identical to the weathertechs and plus they are a little cheaper.

  8. KidHauler

    KidHauler New Member

    Hey, Steve, I've got a couple of cut down litter boxes that I could run over to ya this weekend -

  9. s5belford

    s5belford New Member

    Ha, thanks Dusty but I'll keep shopping around, I don't have the new truck smell anymore but I'm not sure I'm looking for the kitty litter smell :) Where at in MI are you?

  10. s5belford

    s5belford New Member

  11. Silvercat

    Silvercat New Member

    Weather Tech is the way to go. The last mats you will ever buy. They cover side to side, front to back and contain everything even when your boucing around off road. I even bought a set for my wifes Santa Fe. Very impressed with those too. I turffed the factory mats these are far better.\
    Money well spent I say.
  12. Chevyman30504

    Chevyman30504 New Member

    i have 2008 silverado and i have the husky liners in my truck i got them from lane automotive in michigan and i LOVE them they were $75 for the front and the same for the rear.

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